Through the Garden Gate September 2020


Welcome to my September garden, as promised this month it starts with all the dahlias that are flowering in my garden. I was hoping to be able to tell you the names of all of them but alas I have been so busy over the last few years and plant indexing is not as good as I thought it was! If you recognise any of the flowers please tell me!

Dahlia Stars favourite

These orange dahlias have been flowering all summer long and I love the way the dark foliage contrasts with the flowers. This dahlia has been in our garden many years is never taken up during the winter and each year it multiples so it just has to be my favourite one.

New this year a pom pom dahlia Burlesca from Sarah Raven

Meanwhile, in the vegetable garden the level of productivity is decreasing. I  captured the beautiful early morning sunlight on these tomatoes. It looks as if it was been decimated by something but I have to put my hands-up and declare that it is us! We tend to dash out to the greenhouse just before lunch and pick the tomatoes direct off the vine. Do you do this too or do you bring in a truss in to eat? There is nothing like eating fresh vegetables from the garden! 

Our Autumn raspberries are doing well , they are massive and very flavoursome compared with their shop rivals! The apples on the step over tree are huge too, it has been the best crop since we planted them 5 years ago.

Our other apple tree has cropped well too.

Both the front and back garden are still full of bright flowers. Our front garden (above) has been fantastic it's hard to believe we only created this planting during lockdown with limited plants!

The back garden with sedum, perennial wallflowers and cosmos and rudbeckia.

 Another highlight of the September garden is this pink Aster, we have struggled with asters in the past, it's great when decides it loves where it has been planted and gives us such a fantastic reward!

Cosmos flowers always seem to feature in each blog garden blog post during the summer. Do you have any in your garden? There are so many different varieties and colours they can easily be grown from seed and their flowers always put a smile on my face, they always brightened our days!

What have been the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below. 

Please note I am in North Devon at the moment just with my very old Kindle so I have added in advance the links to websites rather than directing you to the specific month's post, please look at comments below for specific links and updates.

 Apologies for different sized text, they seemed to have made further amendments to Blogger with limited time and posts I haven't managed to work out what is going wrong! Hope you are all staying well and safe.


  1. The aster is wonderful, I bet the bees love it. It's something I'd like to grow for the bees at this time of year. Your garden is looking absolutely amazing, you've obviously been working hard. We had salad from the garden tonight, even topped it off with homegrown walnuts (six of them!). But not much left out there now. Your apples and raspberries are fantastic. My autumn raspberries never do well, I don't think they get enough light. A good year for apples though as you say. CJ xx

  2. My garden is dreary this time of year. Everything is spent for this year.

    There are over one hundred varieties of wild asters in this province and they fill the trail, field and road sides this time of year. As we walk and cycle, they catch our eyes. So pretty and hardy.

  3. I hope you are having a lovely holiday in Devon. Gorgeous dahlias, ours sadly finished while we were away...lack of water! Amazing how well your front garden has done. Yes we pick tomatoes as we need.. nothing like eating sun warmed tomatoes. B x

  4. Still lots in bloom. There is a definite chill to the air in my part of the world now and the garden is winding down.

  5. Your dahlias are gorgeous. Happy holidays!

  6. The cosmos with the delicate dark edging is lovely!

  7. The dahlias are beautiful. Such a lovely garden and by the sea. We are winding down into Fall, but I am hoping for an Indian Summer. Christine

  8. Lovely! Lovely! I have dahlia envy now, Sarah. Thank you for hosting 'Through the Garden Gate.' It gives me the incentive to do a post that reviews the month in my garden. Have a wonderful vacation. P. x

  9. It’s heartening to hear that you are able to leave dahlia tubers in the ground all year. I’m in two minds at the moment. I think it is mild enough in Devon, with a mulch to keep off the worst of the wet. It is slugs that are the problem here. I fear the new shoots in spring would be decimated!
    I hope the weather improves for your break in North Devon.
    Here is my link:


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