Through the Garden Gate October 2021

The wind, rain and reduction in daylight hours have had an big impact in the garden this month, although there is still always something, however small, to admire! This Carex Testacea Prairie Fire is adding an autumn glow to the front garden!

The leaves of the grape vine are also very colourful. We have left the grapes to the birds this year and you can't walk out the back door without the sound of the blackbird flying away!

The cobwebs in the garden and next door field make such intricate patterns, which you just have to stop and admire!

We have been out buying plants again and have two welcome additions! The semi double flowers of the Japanese  Anemone Konigin (Queen Charlotte) has been on my hot list for ages!  We also treated ourselves to a David Austin Shrub rose 'Golden Celebrations'. My mother bought one when my parents celebrated their Golden Anniversary in 2006. When she died we planted it our previous garden where it was a wonderful asset. It is is lovely to welcome it into this garden and bring back old memories.

The other roses are still flowering despite the weather! At this time of year with fewer flowers you have more time to appreciate them.

We have started to add a couple of chrysanthemums into the garden.  This pink one has been lovely to  have as a cut flower and so much better than buying bunches covered in plastic from the supermarket.

The rainbow chard, although battered by the high winds, is adding a colourful element to the vegetable garden.

Our front gravel garden is still looking good, although I seem to have captured the more of the leaves rather than any flowers. It has been a bit of experiment to see what plants grow well in more dry and windy conditions. With the focus in the next couple of weeks on the effect of climate change at COP26, we will need to adapt in our gardens as well as other aspects of our life.

I'll leave you with these two favourite images from this month, the fallen chestnuts were lit up the sun's morning rays and these rain drops, below, looked so beautiful on this clump of grasses.

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below. 

Have a good month, thanks for visiting!


  1. Love the light in your photos. The chrysanthemum is a lovely shade and I like your new purchases. We are looking for a long lasting rose, disease resistant and a constant flowerer. We don’t want much! B x

    1. If you find a rose like that do let us all know!

  2. Despite the late October the roses are still very beautiful. My favourite image is the last one, the rain drops look gorgeous. As always you are invited to visit my garden at

  3. Beautiful pictures Sarah. The double anemone looks super. I have a golden celebration rose, a present for my 50th. It's been struggling this year but I'm hopeful it will survive.
    Jacquie x

  4. You made some lovely purchases, Sarah. Climate change has brought more rain than drought here, but I would love to install a gravel garden. I have a rain garden. I linked with you again this month. Love this meme. P.x

  5. I always enjoy your garden blooms. I love the intricacies of that third photo too. Nature amazes us at every stage.

  6. You did a wonderful job catching the light on your roses. Great photography!

  7. Running late - but - I'm in.

  8. Bracketed with two lovely grasses <3

  9. All your photos are lovely but I have to say that I love the dewy spiderwebs. Have been gone a bit but looking forward to catching up. Hope you're enjoying your fall!


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