Through the Garden Gate April 2022

 April is the month for tulips and forget me nots, honesty and camassia. Usually the tulips get damaged by rain, but it has been so dry and cold and windy the tulips have put on a wonderful display in the borders but we have used up all the water in our water barrels. It makes such a difference having the borders full of colour after the long barren winter!

We have finally got the fences that blew down in February replaced, if you remember I decided to paint them all grey so I have spent hours in the garden painting them this month!

We have been enjoying this view of the wallflowers and tulips from the conservatory.

I think Tavi thought I was talking a picture of him rather than the magnolia that I bought from the market a few months ago, so far it is surviving the salty sea winds.

Angelique Tulips

 Tulip Purissima & Queen of the Night

The clumps of honesty have been amazing, they have brightened the garden and are providing lots of cut flowers. It has been lovely opening the bedroom curtains every morning to a sea of white flowers.

The apple trees are full of buds and flowers, so we are hopeful of a good harvest this year.

Tulip Negrita

My attempt of a bulb lasagne, I loved the tiny daffodils however sadly the tulips didn't flower for very long.

Outside the front window is Spirea and Euphorbia Wulfenii the colours look so fresh!

I thought our spring garden wasn't too bad until we visited the tulip festival at Forde Abbey it was fantastic, I need to plant even more tulips next year to try and create this on a smaller scale! (More images can be seen on my instagram account 

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you would like to join us with Through the garden gate this month, please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below. 

Sarah x


  1. April has to be one f my favourite times of the year, the gardens flourish. I'm joining in again, missed the winter months as the garden is mainly white

  2. Glorious blooms of many varieties! A walk through paradise.

  3. Well done on the magnolia. I’m sure it will like the salt air as we have so many magnolias in Jersey. The honesty looks fabulous as do all your tulips and forget me nots. Hardly any flowers on apple tree unlike yours this year. I will know where to come for my apples this autumn. B x

  4. Lovely to see all the colours in your garden, Sarah. I like the grey of your fence, it must have been hard work doing all that painting! Here's my post for this month:

  5. Oh Sarah, your garden is so beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I absolutely love your tulips! You have done a wonderful job choosing plants of harmonizing colors that bloom at the same time. That's difficult to do.


  7. Sidetracked by the City Nature Challenge on iNaturalist
    but, still whizzing round the garden for you

  8. Oh rich wallflowers and gentle apple blossom :~))

  9. Your spring garden is fabulous, Sarah. I love to see the wallflowers -- they were my grandmother's favorite. It is too difficult to grow them here in Pennsylvania and I miss them. I have linked to you. P.x

  10. Such beautiful flowers,Sarah! And great job with the fences - the grey is the perfect backdrop to all those stunning colours

  11. Hi Sarah. I love all your flowers! I gave up on tulips because the deer will jump my 4-foot fence to get at them.

  12. Your garden is wonderful, full of colors! The tulips are adorable!


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