Through the Garden Gate July 2022

Apologies I am late again in posting 'Through The Garden Gate' this month! I don't know where this month as gone! The garden has changed so much in month - most of the roses are over and with a heatwave and very little rain, and empty water barrel,s the garden is not looking it's best. This is the area we seem to sit out in the most of the time and if it gets too hot we retreat under the grape vine directly behind this area.


 The front garden isn't suffering so much in the heat and hasn't had any watering. It looks as if we are going to have to relook at the way we garden and choose plants that thrive in the drier conditions in the future.

This year I experimented sowing my sweet peas seeds at different times. The ones that I planted in early January haven't performed as well as those I planted in April so maybe next year I will be more patient and wait until later before sowing.

In the first part of the July we went to Scotland on holiday and were delighted to come back and find the agapanthus were out in flower. there are some benefits of the sunshine when they light but the grass seed heads of one of our grass thatwas given to us by a dear friend,

The back garden isn't looking quite so lovely hopefully we will get some rain in August and it will improve!

We have been enjoying our first tomatoes from the greenhouse, a glut of courgettes, lettuce we can't eat fast enough, french beans and even have our first pumpkin, has your garden provided you with any produce this month?

It's always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you would like to join us with Through the garden gate this month, please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below. 


  1. Love the light in your photos. Our sweet peas did really well this year, planted in October and over wintered. I might try a spring batch as well to extend their season. The colours in your garden are beautiful especially the purple and yellows. Your grass too is so green still. Ours is like straw . Like you we are thinking how to manage these dry hot summers. The grass may have to go! B x

  2. The month has flown by, as usual. So many changes in the garden during the month it is hard to keep up with them all. Happy gardening.

  3. The garden looks great in the pictures. You still have an abundance of color. I wish I lived close to you so we could trade your courgettes (zucchini to me) for some of the rain we received last night. I absolutely can't grow them because of the bugs.

  4. Now we are on the same date ;~)

  5. Everything is so pretty, your garden looks like you've done alot of work in it, looks like a proper cottage garden.

  6. Your garden is beautiful and green despite little rain. Our pumpkins don't bloom, maybe it's too hot.

  7. Your garden is looking very colourful, Sarah. I am late too with my blogpost this month, I think the warm weather has slowed me down:

  8. Delicious vegetables. Our garden plot is now put to bed and we will start again in October with the cool weather planting. Two growing seasons here. Sorry about your heat wave...this too shall pass!

  9. Your garden is just beautiful! We have had a HOT & DRY summer here in Sweden with no rain so my garden is like Sahara! Its so sad...
    Love from Titti


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