Through the Garden Gate October 2022

Think of the colours of an October garden and pink and purple aren't the colours that come instantly to mind, but  they are the ones dominating our garden this month! Our time in the garden this month has included planting bulbs and accidently and very stupidly cutting my finger deeply with secateurs - that has taken time to heal! 

The hydrangeas didn't enjoy the higher summer temperatures and lack of water but some of them have recovered since the rain has returned. I do love the strong dark colours in the one above. This plant has been in the garden since we arrived eight years ago and has gradually transformed from a pale blue to the colour we see today without any help from us!

Chrysanthemums always give a welcome burst of colour when everything else is declining. These two pink ones (above and below) are just as welcome inside as cut flowers.

One of my favourite plants this year has been Nicotiana x hybridia Whisper Mixed which I grew from seed purchased from Sarah Raven. This plant has flowered non-stop in a pot since July and despite its delicate appearance doesn't seem to have been damaged by slugs and snails, nor the strong coastal winds that can batter the garden! If you are thinking of trying some different plants in the garden next year, I would highly recommend it, I will be growing it in greater numbers next year!

Another plant that we are now accumulating in greater numbers are salvias. They flower for such long periods, attract wildlife, come in a huge range of colours, look good in the borders and are easy to propagate, Do you have any favourites ones? The purple one above is Salvia Amistad. There is a pink variety too, with similar shaped flowers, which is on my wish list for next year called 'Love and Wishes', I don't think I'll forget that name in a hurry! Just look at this display of salvia in a local shopping area!

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below. 

Wishing you all the best for November!


  1. Your garden is very colorful! I had a Salvia with pink blooms a few years ago, but it didn't manage to survive the winter.
    I hope your finger heals soon. Take care!

  2. Pink rules here too :~))
    A quick post between iNaturalist this time

  3. PS have sliced my finger, twice. Now I check where my fingers are first. Get better soon.

  4. How lovely to see so many flowers still in bloom. Most of my flowers have gone over now but I do have Salvia 'Amistad' I only planted it this year and it has been wonderful. I'm late again with my blog:

  5. Delightful colours to brighten your day. My neighbour recently had the same experience with her secatures. I hope your finger has now mended.

  6. Loving all the purple and pinks. Haven’t grown nicotiana for ages. Will add it to my list for next year. Ooh I felt for you that must have been a nasty cut. Hope it’s recovered ok. B x

  7. Beautiful! My garden is looking a little bare now most of the dahlias have been put away for winter. A few plants are still hanging on though.


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