Through the Garden Gate September 2022

Apologies for the late post again, it has been a busy time with a week's holiday close to Bath and then helping out at events in the Great Big Green Week that has been taking place in many communities in the UK this week including Bridport! The garden has therefore been a bit neglected but I'm glad to say that it doesn't look bad despite this!

The golden flowers of the rudbeckia are still providing so much colour, they started flowering at the end of July. The sweet peas are still flowering too. I have never known them still be flowering at the end of September. The garden has enjoyed having more rain after a very dry summer. It is lovely to see so much green in the garden and the green fields again appearing on the surrounding hills. 

We should buy more asters they provide such a burst of colour on the garden at this time of year - the pink one is Harrington pink, do you have any asters in your garden? We saw this one when were on holiday. I think it is Aster Twilight, I'll have to find a space for it in the garden next year.

We are going to be busy making grape juice next week the grapevine that has provided us with so much welcome shade during the summer is laden with grapes!

The apple trees also have large crops it seems to have been a good year locally for apples. We will need to store them carefully so we can enjoy eating them throughout the winter. My thoughts are turning to winter as I buy and order more spring bulbs, it will busy next month planting them too! How has your garden been this month? 

It is always wonderful to see other gardens from around the world and share our love of gardening. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate please let me know in the comments below and I will add you below. 

Wishing you all the best for October!


  1. Those rudbeckias are amazing and brilliant grapes too. Our summer really suited them. Can’t believe you’ve still got sweet peas. I’m about to plant next years and over winter them. Our asters are now flowering but most of the leaves withered because of the hot summer. B x

  2. I'm looking forward to having a garden like this when I buy my own house, the purple is so vibrant.

  3. The apples look so delicious in the picture that I feel like I could reach through the screen and take one. You are blessed to be able to grow them. We are surrounded by cedar trees that cause cedar rust on fruit trees. The only way to fight it is to either cut down hundreds of cedar trees or to spray heavily with chemicals. Neither option is acceptable. Hopefully, someone will be able to cross at least one variety in the future that will be resistant. The grocery store is my only option.

  4. There's still lots of colour in the garden. My sweet peas, grown at the allotment didn't do well this year, I've cut them down now. I grow Asters on the allotment and have a purple one in the garden, forgotten its name, it's what I call Michaelmas Daisy. I've managed a blog this month:

  5. There's still lots of colour in the garden. My sweet peas, grown at the allotment didn't do well this year, I've pulled them up now. I grow Asters at the allotment, but I have some purple ones in the garden, what I call Michaelmas Daisies. I've managed to do a blog this month:

  6. and even later. Life get busy!

    1. I know the feeling with life being busy, it is lovely to have a look at your garden anytime in the month!

  7. Your garden looks lovely, the beautiful flowers and those red apples! Our autumn asters are starting to bloom, too.

  8. I love your 'neglected' garden! If my garden were left to itself it would be overtaken by weeds. Those red apples are begging to be eaten.

  9. The garden looks great, far from neglected!


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