Sea views captured in 2022

As another busy year draws to a close I have yet again failed to create many posts to illustrate what the blog is meant to be about celebrating living Down by the Sea in Dorset! Most of the photos I take of the sea are with the mobile phone and tend to be put on  my Instagram account these days. 

We hoped to capture the starlings murmurating and returning to their roost in January at Cogden beach.. Instead watching the sun set was the highlight not only did I capture the sun caught in some grasses but also setting into the sea! 

Views over the roof tops of Storm Eunice in February, I'm glad we are located back from the sea! The storm still managed to cause havoc with many of our garden fences blown down!

Blue skies in spring around West Bay and close coastal locations of Burton Bradstock and Eype.

Cliff falls are a constant occurence and the numbers of them have increased in recent years. We discovered this one at Easter the fence on the edge of the Coast Path left hanging in mid-air!

Lyme Regis is the rain, it doesn't stop anyone having fun!

In May the statute of Mary Anning the famous fossil hunters was unveiled, it is situated in a location overlooking the area where she used to hunt for fossils.

We still occasionally head back to Weymouth and Portland where we once lived. The earlier part of this blog features more of this area. The coastline is different to our golden cliffs!

Our holidays have to be close to water too! In July we visited Dumfries in Scotland it was beautiful. The recharging of the electric car worked well we must have done around 1,000 miles!

Back in Dorset we had an amazing summer, just like going aboard on holiday I can still feel the heat looking back at these images!

Back into Autumn and Winter the beaches return to the locals who enjoy having the space to themselves!

Wishing you a peaceful and Happy New Year.


  1. You live in a very beautiful place. The photos are amazing! Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family!

    1. Happy New Year to you and your family Margi! Through the garden gate will be published before the New Year!

  2. Love the layers in the third photo! The area is picture perfect!

    Happy New Year, Sarah!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Marie, thank you for still visiting here sorry I don't catch up with you so often!

  3. Lovely to enjoy your seaside views. Dumfries is on our list. Happy New Year to you. B x

    1. Dumfries was amazing I will have to do a more detailed post about it in the New Year, have a good one!

  4. Next summer l must jump in the car and get down your way,
    as l know the area very well, having worked it for many years...
    Though your photos are lovely, and bring back memories...!

    Always enjoyed the photos through out the years...especially
    in an area l know so well...

    All the very best to you and yours in the New Year of 2023....

    1. That would be good, I know you used to work in Pontins in Weymouth did you ever work in any of the holiday parks around West Bay?

    2. Yes! But just the summer season at Osmington Bay and a late nightly
      stint at the Prince Regent Weymouth, along the Esplanade...
      I love Weymouth...always took my daughter there to the beach.....
      Goodness! Long time ago now...She's 45yrs of age now...! :).

  5. That statue is a delight, she looks eager to find the next one!


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