Through the Garden Gate August 2023

 Welcome to my August garden, we have welcomed back a second flush of roses giving us another chance to enjoy their mass of blooms. With the wet weather we have had throughout this summer they have flourished!

The rest of the garden there is still an abundance of flowers which are dominated by the Dahlias, Cosmos, Achillia, Rudbrekia and Helianthums. The colours in the garden change during the season and at this time of year more oranges and yellows make a welcome appearance.

It is always special when your friends share their plants with you! I admired this Daucus carota Purple kisses (a purple form of wild carrot) and now have this growing in our garden too.

The vegetable garden also has been very prolific, with gluts of cucumber, tomatoes, courgettes and runner beans which we have been sharing! One neighbour in return gave us an amazing runner bean slicer which has transformed the way I feel about runner beans! My parents had a device about 40 years ago that never seemed to do the job so I had never used one since! Do you use any special tools for cutting up vegetables and fruit? Our daughter accidently cut her hand recently and ended up in minor injuries needing stitches for cutting herself while taking out a stone out of an avocado. It is well-known injury in accident and emergency departments and is known as avocado hand! Friends have subsequently recommended a tool for this too! 

Elsewhere in the vegetable patch we planted some green manure  'Phacelia seeds' with some African marigold seeds they have been a pleasing combination and brighten up a small corner of the vegetable patch.

I always like to try out different species of plants that have done well in the garden. Last year I bought a Yellow Xenox sedum from Farmer Gracy and was quite disappointed with it. This year as you can see from the image above it is beautiful and the insects are loving it too, it just shows that with gardening you need to be patient, sometime plants take their time to get established!

What are the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site. 

Sarah x


  1. Oh my your garden looks just wonderful! Unfortunately my August garden looks very tired this time of the year. My Zinnia patch is doing glorious though...hummingbirds, bumble bees, butterflies are all enjoying it. Have a lovely day.

  2. We are eating out of the garden these days. Love the summer bounty. The green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, kale and Swiss chard are so good this year.

  3. I love the phalacea we see it used a lot here as a fertiliser crop. Wonderful to have another lot of roses. Everything is looking very lush in your corner. I too have a wonderful bean splicer given to me by my neighbour. What varieties of veg did you grow this year. Mine haven’t been that good. B x

  4. How colourful your garden looks, Sarah. I think I need to get some more late summer flowering plants for my garden.

  5. I find the purple wild carrot amazing! I wonder if it crosses with regular garden carrots. We have Queen Anne's Lace in the field beside my garden so I have never been able to save carrot seeds.

    My favorite kitchen gadget that has transformed my life (really), is a Nesco Electric Canner. No more sitting in the kitchen for hours watching the gauge on my regular pressure canner. I start the electric canner, close the vent when it beeps and walk away. It only holds 5 pints or 3 quarts which is a small batch but I don't mind. It's so easy I keep it running all day long.

    There will be proper gardening in September.

    Wonderful roses in yours!

  7. I wish our roses would flourish even half, like yours.
    Beautiful images of a marvellous colourful, and no doubt very scented garden. I have a potted pink dahlia, just like yours.

  8. Your garden is so colourful! The Daucus carota Purple kisses look amazing! And the roses are gorgeous!

  9. How lovely to discover your blog. (I found your link on an early post of Freda's blog in Argyll livesimplysimplylive ). I'm in North Dorset, a different microclimate. So, will look forward to seeing what you grow by the sea. I love your abundant roses!

    1. Hello Susan, Welcome to my blog! Aren't we lucky living in such a wonderful county! It can be quite a challenge growing so close to the sea!

  10. and my September (frantically trying to keep up with RL)


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