Through the Garden Gate May 2024

 What a difference a month makes! Looking back to last month's post the garden was full of daffodils and tulips and forget me nots. In May with still lots of rain the plants have grown huge and it is a sea of different shades of green interspersed with flowers.

It's lovely to hear the sound of bees humming and this month for the first time since we moved here we have had sheep's and lambs in the field next to us. They stayed 3 weeks and we enjoyed watching the antics of the lambs. 

The garden seems to be full of slugs and snails although using ground coffee around plants has helped butsome plants like our campanulas and poppies have completely disappeared.

It seems a strange season this year some plants like hydrangeas and Philadelphus are flowering earlier while other plants seem later. Have you noticed the changes in your garden too?

As I was taking this month's images Tavi seemed to be getting in many if the images! 

The Rose bushes are full of buds and should provide a wonderful smell and display if we don't get some strong gales. The neighbouring cliffs are full of wild flowers which have to be seen and enjoyed before they are wrecked by another storm.

The neighbouring cliffs are full of wild flowers which have to be seen and enjoyed before they are quickly damaged by another storm.

What are the highlights in your garden this month?

It is always wonderful to see other gardens and watch their development during the year. If you want to join in with Through the garden gate each month please let me know in the comments below and I will add your site. 
Sarah x


  1. Hello, Sarah, yes it's amazing how quickly the flowers have grown this month. How lovely to have lambs in the field. They must have provided lots of entertainment for you.
    Here's my blog for this month:

  2. Loving all the colour especially the rhododendron and the purple flowers (Chives?). Not much going on here with Winter except my Camellias are about to flower.

  3. We haven’t done the garden yet this spring but I did buy some plants today. It will be done this week. Your garden looks great!

  4. After such a long wet winter, it must be a joy to spend time in your garden. I know I would totally enjoy wandering through, but I also know that they are a constant chore. I hadn't realised that there are so many colours in the Hosta family. Lambs in the next field - perfect!

  5. Coffee grounds repel snails and slugs? That is a great piece of information I needed.

    Let Tavi poise in any picture he/she wants. When you are that cute, you deserve special attention.

    I have noticed the strange difference in the seasons and have been hearing about the changes in the electromagnetic power in our solar system. It seems to be part of some kind of cycle. I find it fascinating how something happening so far away can make a difference in my backyard. If you are interested in learning more, check out Adapt2030 on youtube.


    Is the black lamb on the wrong side of the fence ?

  7. It's raining here constantly and we have thousands of snails and slugs in the garden. I like the picture of the wildflowers.

  8. Your garden is looking glorious as always. Your veggie patch puts mine to shame. A gravel garden does have the advantage of deterring slugs and snails. B x

  9. Slugs and Snails...???

    Tavi's a lovely little show off...! :0). Bless him...!x

  10. Sarah everything looks so lovely. Your veggie patch appears to be flourishing well. Bet the lettuce makes such a tasty salad. Alas mine is much smaller and spindly. May have to reseed. Thank you for the tip about keeping the slugs away with coffee grounds. I compost mine but will sprinkle some around the plants. Your little dog Tavi is adorable. How could you not get a picture of this sweetie. Take care and have a wonderful start to June.

  11. Oh my! Those wild flowers on the cliffs are beautiful!
    Your garden is looking great. I can smell the roses.


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