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As today is St Patrick's Day a post with an Irish flavour!

The weekend before last we went and saw Van Morrison in concert in Bournemouth. It was my OH's birthday present as he is a fan,and has a collection of 30 of his CD's. ( I can't believe he has that many, I just gone and counted them! )

The last time we went to see him in concert was twenty two years ago when I was seven months pregnant. It was a great concert but I don't recommend it when you are that pregnant.  My son kicked me so hard my stomach felt quite battered when we came out!  As well as being at Uni my son runs his own record company with a friend so maybe he was influenced from a young age, although it is usually my daughter who will choose to put Van on.

It was quite refreshing to see a performer who starts on time, had no support band on first and left the stage without coming back for an encore. His voice is still as powerful as ever and sitting there listening to the music, it made me aware of how much his music had been so much part of our lives together.

A few years ago on a New Year Sales outing we went over to Bournemouth shopping and we girls went off together and left the boys to their own devices. We agreed to meet at a certain time and I didn't recognise my OH to start with! He had bought himself a Van Morrison hat and was wearing it and he is still very fond of it! So if you ever see a man walking a dog around Weymouth with a Van Morrison hat you know who it is!

 Picture of Van Morrison taken from music

Here is a younger version of Van Morrison without the hat! The views on the way to Coney Island are beautiful.

Do you have any favourite musicians that have had a impact in your life?
Hope you have a good St Patrick's Day!


  1. Il like your post, Sarah. The story is really funny! I had no idea that St. Patrick's Day is today! I have always been a great fan of the Rolling Stones as my two elder brothers were. They had all their records and I always listened to them. I still like them but today I like all kind of music - it depends on my mood. I like the pics of Coney Island. Breathtaking! Have a relaxing weekend! CHrista

  2. I have a few favorites and Van Morrison is one of them. I love his voice and the words to his songs. I have not seen him in concert but I can only imagine that his concerts are fantastic. I have seen on YouTube some live performances and they are great. Thanks for sharing that with us. Have a wonderful day. I think I will pull out my Van Morrison CD today and play it.

  3. Sarah, thank you so much for commenting on my blog, you've really encouraged me with your kind words!I'll keep in touch! Jayne x


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