Visiting Eden

While we were staying in  Devon we took a trip to the Eden Project. My OH had bought me a given me a membership of being a Friend of Eden as part of my birthday present.

I don't know how well known the Eden project is for those of you who live in other countries who follow me. It contains the worlds largest green houses which house thousands of plant species and was built in some disused clay pits.

We last visited it eleven years ago when it first opened, I don't know why it is has taken us so long before making a return visit.
I find it amazing that a group of people can have the dream and the vision  of creating such a place and then be able to turn it into reality for others to enjoy and learn new things.

 These are cocoa beans - I do love my chocolate!

You can even view it from on high,my OH doesn't like heights so didn't join me for this bit which was probably just as well as the steps were slightly swinging as I came back down!

The view from the top was amazing looking down at all the plants and trees it was a long way up!

I loved these plants that come from South Africa.
Sorry the background is out of focus but I love those tulips!  

The outside planting areas were fantastic too.                                

Back in November last year we went to a talk at Bridport Literacy Festival given by Tim Smit who was involved in setting up Heligan Gardens and the Eden Project. He was an amazing speaker and we all came out thinking we could change the world to a better place.  If you ever get the chance to see him speak do take it.

What I didn't realise until I heard him speak was that Eden is so much more than just the conservation and education of plants. They are involved in so many other social and environmental projects both in this country and aboard. For further information you can look on the Eden link.

Growing for life

Big lunch

Hopefully it won't be some many years before we visit Eden again.Sorry it's such a long post I got a bit carried away!


  1. I've never been, but would love to go one day. It looks amazing. I need a scarecrow like that! might keep the pigeons away :)

  2. We usually go early in the year and get a 'locals' pass but didn't make it this year. It looks as if there have been a few changes since last year - the high steps are certainly new. I totally agree with your OH - no way would I go up them!!

  3. Good luck it's a long post because it is also an interesting and beautiful post! Gosh! I would like to visit it as well! The knitted vegetables caught my eye... very nice! Thank you, Sarah and I hope you get carried away again...

  4. Isn`t it a wonderful place!

    We visited in summer 2010 and loved the many demonstration plots for food growing, as well as the Biodomes.

    It looks lovely in your spring photographs too.

  5. I don't remember that high viewing platform - it must be bew since I visited. It is a great day out, isn't it?

  6. Fab pictures once more! We missed out on locals for a fiver this year, so I am very envious of your day trip. Glad you had a nice time.


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