Down by the sea in Devon

We have been on holiday for the last week, down by the sea in Devon and had a wonderful time.

I have said before my dream would be to live overlooking the sea or water and for one week at least my dream came true!
This was the view from the kitchen window. I was happy to do lots of washing up this week!

We stayed at Bovisand in a beautiful chalet. We have stayed here before for a short 2 night break, but it was not enough ! The chalet is situated overlooking Plymouth Sound and opposite are the Cornish villages of Kingsand and Cawsand. The city of Plymouth is just around the corner but it this is so different.
I had bought lots of books and magazines to read, but we spent most of the time we were in the chalet just taking in the view,watching the boats go by and enjoying the sunsets.

The chalet is on a private estate, which is open to the public and the coast path goes through it. There are various beaches.

Just a very peaceful and wonderful place to be....


  1. Dear Sarah: Thank you for taking me through this beautiful landscape! I am sure you were happy doing the washing up with such a spectacular view! I would love to walk along the coast and breathe in the salty air and to hear the waves rolling. Awesome! Start well into the new week! CHrista

  2. That looks idyllic. Love the sunset shots you took.

  3. Wow what a wonderful view for a holiday home. I can see why you wanted to return for longer. Lovely photos.

  4. how beautiful...lovely photos...x

  5. Dear Sarah,

    What an amazing place to have a holiday chalet. The view is breathtaking! Especially for a city girl like me. I am happy to hear you enjoyed yourself very much. The scenery looks beautiful!

    Wish you a happy new week!

    Madelief x

  6. The view from the place you stayed is amazing. Fancy waking up to that every morning!

    new homes for sale in Devon

  7. Oh wow, what a beautiful place! My mother was raised in the UK and I've always wanted to visit, I've heard Devon is lovely and from your photos I can see that it certainly is! :) xo K

  8. What a wonderful place to stay! Interesting to watch the shipping coming and going out of Plymouth, as well as the beautiful coastline and the sunsets. Lovely photos.

  9. Oh my gosh! what gorgeous photos.
    Roses here in Southern California can grown most of the year here. I cut them down during December - January to give them some rest. I usually have roses by min-March. This winter we had a lot of warm days so the roses never had a rest and they started to put out bud in February. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos of them.
    Have a lovely day.

  10. Lovely blog you have here, glad I found you. Katie xx

  11. Hello again
    I am popping round to let you know that Mr Langford is closing......he was tearful when he told me.....his wife and daughter are thinking about keeping it going but already it is looking neat and tidy......a sad day for me too!

    Lovely photographs - particularly of the sun over the sea

    Best wishes


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