Taking photos of swans

We went for a walk around the Radipole Bird Sanctuary. One of the two RSPB reserves that we have in Weymouth. Unlike Lodmoor, the Radipole Sanctuary is right next to the town centre and surrounded by roads and houses.  Although you can still hear the sounds of the town once on the footpath and amongst the reeds and lagoons you could almost believe you were in the countryside.

My OH and I enjoy taking photos and we are still experimenting with our new camera a Samsung WB690,  which we have had for about a month. One of it's benefits is that it has a powerful zoom function. 
A wonderful patch of violets

I never realised how difficult it is taking photos of swans they kept moving and preening themselves!

It moved too fast and I cut off it's wings!

After many attempts!

 I hope you had a good weekend too!
Sarah x


  1. The swan photos are lovely - especially the preening one, even if you didn't want it to do that! Looks like you had beautiful weather. Great to see the violets but I think it will be a while before we get any. Juliex

  2. Swans ever so graceful but quick! The best place to capture swans is at the Swannery in Abbotsbury especially towards the end of May / beginning of June as all the mothers are too busy looking after the cygnets to move around much! You can literally walk about 4 feet away from the swans on their nests and there are literally hundreds of swans there! Many years ago I captured a male swan with 9 cygnets following behind in a row and the female at the rear making sure that none strayed! Nature at its best!

  3. aww great swans! if you have a drive mode on your camera thats great for moving things as it takes lots of pics in succcession and one of them will be in focus! or sport mode....

    1. My OH when questioned tells me we do have a drive mode so I will have to try this thanks for the suggestion.

  4. We always drive by Radipole Lake when going into Weymouth and always say, what a peaceful place it looks and your pictures confirm this, we must try and have a walk there. Those violets so pretty, it was violet weekend at Groves Nursery. Julie xxx


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