Weymouth sand

Weymouth is famous for the quality of its sand, which is often used for making sand sculptures. As far back as the beginning of the 20th century there were annual sandcastle competitions that attracted large crowds. Some of these were sponsored by Bovril and every entry had to feature the Bovril name or the jar within the entry!  

Weymouth has had its own sand man since the 1920's. The current one is Mark Anderson (he took over from his Grandad) and he creates masterpieces using only Weymouth sand and water. (See link for more wonderful sculptures.) It is always worth wandering along the Esplanade to see his latest creation. 

Mad hatter's tea party
Recently huge mounds of sand suddenly appeared on the beach - as I had the camera in my handbag I went to investigate!

The diggers were moving sand from the sea shore and taking it further up the beach.

The birds thought it was a great novelty

As I was taking a photo of the birds this dog suddenly appeared and chased them away!

 The only problem with sand is that it gets into everywhere, including the sandwiches! Which type of beach do you prefer sand or shingle?


  1. Definitely prefer the sand although you are right: It gets into everything! These sculptures are incredible! I had no idea that Weymouth sand is so famous. Therefore another reason why to travel to the UK! Thanks for this lovely and interesting post! Christa

  2. Sand looks beautiful , but I really prefer a shingle/pebble beach where you can find shells and fossils among the stones, or pieces of smooth sea glass.

  3. They do this every year! The tide moves it one way, the council takes it back again.

    (At least, that seems to be what happens!)

  4. Weymouth sand was on a repeat of Coast the other night, what do you think they will be doing with it, perhaps its for the olympics! Julie xxx

  5. Those sand sculptures look amazing! We have a sand sculpture festival in Holland as well. I always enjoy having a look.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  6. our beach is full of stones :( they have been dredging the sand from the bottom of the sea on putting it on our beach because the beach just dissapears gradually! its just an on going battle, i dont think you can win against the sea...

  7. Thank you so much for your kind wishes regarding the healing of my leg. It's still swollen a lot but the pain is less. So there is hope and as you know "bad weeds grow tall..." I am glad you are back from your holiday and I am very much looking forward to your new posts! Have a beautiful Sunday and many greetings to Dorset! Christa


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