Good Friday Hike

It has become a family tradition to go for a hike on Good Friday. It all started when my son was in cubs and the leader would arrange a walk for the boys and their families. One year we had a walk which took us up the Smugglers path that zig zags up Burning cliff, parts of which are very close to sheer drops, and one my OH with his fear of heights has not forgotten!

 Our walk today was along one of the most scenic parts of the Dorset coast, although there are some cliffs to go up and down the views, as you will see are spectacular and are well worth the effort! We parked our car in the National Trust car park above Ringstead which I visitied in my blog a few weeks ago and took the inland coast path passing some stone sculptures to a wonderful named valley called "Scratchy Bottom". (We have some unusual named places in Dorset!)

Scratchy bottom this area was used for the opening scenes of the 1967 "Far from the Maddening Crowd" which was based on the Thomas Hardy novel

 In the distance you can see Durdle Door one of Dorset's famous landmarks - a natural massive rock arch. There were many people looking at it, and enjoying the spring weather. Unfortunately it was a bit hazy so the pictures are not as sharp or colourful as I would have liked.

The first cliff was Bat's Head, it took my knees awhile to adjust to the downward slope, as we headed down towards this beautiful bay. There is another tiny arch in the cliff if you look closely, only keen walkers venture this far!

Our first hill!

Looking back towards Durdle Door

I love the way that the chalk gives the sea such a wonderful blue colour.

Look back down the coast path at the hills we have climbed, the path is relatively close to the edge

Towards the end of the walk there is a lovely wooden church that has recently been rebuilt

There are amazing views from the grave yard.

After all that exercise we have lost a few calories, so we won't feel to bad when we are tucking into the chocolate easter eggs.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter too. Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah:
    This post more than confirms the beauty of so much of the Dorset coastline which you are so very fortunate to have close at hand. And a day's walking in such a beautiful area must, indeed, have been a great pleasure.

    We are shortly to leave to spend the weekend with friends just north of Lake Balaton, and whilst there is no sea of course, we hope to enjoy a walk or two with them in the most wonderful countryside where, still, wild flower meadows abound.

    We send our best wishes to you for every happiness this Eastertide.

  2. What a wonderful wonderful hike, just the thing I'd be doing if I lived down there (I wish!). Thanks for the lovely photos. Suzy x

  3. We've stayed at the campsite at Durdle Door several times and love the area. Great photos.

  4. Thank you Sarah for the blog award, I will hopefully get round to doing it soon. Your pictures are lovely, we are so very lucky living here, arent we. We are walking to West Bay today with family! Happy Easter. Julie xxx

  5. Dearest Sarah! This is amazing! I love it so much! Good luck the pictures are not as sharp as you would have liked it (for me it is sharp...) as otherwise I would have caught the next plane or train to the UK to do this walk too! Not only because of the chocolate eggs... I am really happy that I have met you through blogging! Christa

  6. Beautiful photos Sarah, such a dramatic coastline, just how I like it! xo K


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