Diamond jubliee weekend

This weekend the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are taking place.  Most of us have Monday and Tuesday off, so a nice long weekend to celebrate. I have never seen so many union jacks flags everywhere!

 I hope everyone has a great weekend to celebrate this unique occasion . I admire the hard work and dignity of an amazing woman.

photo EPA

On Monday evening a network on over 4,000 beacons will be lit throughout the UK and the commonwealth and overseas see locationsLaura is collecting photos of beacons if you are interested in joining in.

Sarah x


  1. We have Monday off as it's our Queen's Birthday holiday, but I shall be very busy at a craft market that a friend and I are organising.
    There doesn't seem to be much to show for the Jubilee down here, apart from on the news of the preparations in London! It must be an amazing sight to see all the flags flying. Enjoy your lovely long weekend and all the celebrations.

  2. A lovely post Sarah...
    I agree with your comments about the Queen (Soo dignified)
    Have a super time!
    Maria x

  3. hi again Sarah!
    Forgot to say, Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Selection is in July for the paralmpics, soo we have fingers and toes crossed!hahax

  4. You had a lovely blog, I come via via at your blog and I will follow you.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Petra.

  5. Hello Sarah,

    Lovely ,lovely, lovely,.. Everyone seems to be so ahead. I cant keep up.
    I have SKY on all day today.. i have satelite so i can get the channel.

    Its all so exciting, and i tully wish i could have been in England.
    Had a blogger problem yesterday... but i think i am back on track.
    just made a quick post about her highness at Epsom today.

    happy saturday... am going to make cup cakes now.

  6. We've just driven home from Bridport and drove through Broadwindsor where we saw that there had been a Jubilee Scarecrow competition! Some fantastic ones of the Queen and Prince Philip! I'm currently using a laptop as am away from my usual computer but will do a post about them next week! Enjoy the BH Jubilee Weekend!

    1. Hi June,
      We drove through Bridport and Broadwindsor we didn't have time to stop but the scarecrows we past were amazing! Will look forward to seeing them on yiur blog.

  7. I hope you have a lovely time. We are going to be camping at my mum and dad's and are planning a bonfire! Juliex

  8. So cute the post Sarah! the second photo I reaally like! :D
    Hope the celebrations go welll...

  9. There's going to be one lit at the nearby Deer Park and a few more in surrounding places, it should be something worth seeing. Have a great Jubilee weekend.

  10. Congratulations! Even in Holland we see a lot of your celebrations. Have fun, Jolanda

  11. Everywhere looks so cheerful with all the bright bunting and flags around - enjoy your weekend! x

  12. Lovely to have a few days of.
    I like the bag with flag.
    I wish you a nice week.
    And I am not very good to write englich :)))
    But I have to try---and learn
    <3 <3 <3

  13. I wish, wish, wish I could be there to see it all! The photos are lovely and the Union Jack is such a beautiful flag! Enjoy your days off and celebrate your Queen! Christa

  14. I would love to be there right now. I too admire her grace and quiet strength. She is incredible. I also love seeing what Catherine wears, she is so beautiful. What a wonderful weekend of celebrating! I've seen some photos on the news sites and too noticed all the flags!

  15. Hi Sarah,

    We have had a holiday here, celebrating Queens birthday weekend, which has been lovely.
    I have been enjoying watching the celebrations and loved seeing your photographs with all the red, white and blue and all the Union Jacks.

    enjoy the celebrations and the new week

  16. How exciting for your Country this weekend. I have seen some of the footage on the News.

  17. Hi Sarah,
    I do not live close to the beaches, about an hour and half to most beaches. There are some beaches I will not go to, too dirty and that is a shame. We usually get to the beach early to avoid traffic, it is terrible here is Southern California. I do not mine the long drive but stuck in traffic is not a good thing. Now is the time for families to vacation, summer break here in the USA.
    There are beaches that allow dog and others do not. We check the website for that. There are beaches that have blocks of the year that dogs are allowed or portions of a beach where they allowed. The beaches I like the most are in the area of Monterey, Northern California. Very nice up there. We hope to get back up there some day soon. Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a great day.

  18. Dear Sarah,
    congratulations to your son. yes, what a fitting way to end his varsity days.. He will be going on a long journey now.
    Lovely post Sarah,
    I was glued to the tv. at least i could watch sky news on my portuguese tv. It covered most of the jubilee, such a fantastic affair. truly something i will never forget. I missed some of the singers at the concert. would love to find out now if there will be a dvd of it all.!
    Great photos of your sun running.
    enjoyable post
    best wishes happy thursday val x x x


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