Life on the beach

Walking along the beach there are always treasures to find .....

A yellow horned poppy -isn't it amazing what grows in these inhospitable conditions.

I love the slate blue colour on the leaves of this sea cabbage, the flowers are fragrant too.  I didn't have my rucksack or "Food for free" book with me, and I didn't pick any as thought it was going to seed. 

This fishing boat was following us as we walked along the beach.

The land and the sea are immense along this stretch of the Chesil beach .

How about a beach hut? The one of the left was on the market for £300,000 in 2010! I would love to see inside.

There were lots of fishermen along the beach - favourite catches along this stretch are mackerel, plaice and dab.

The road leads down to the sea, the shadow of the clouds was giving the sea a dark blue line of colour on the horizon. I wish I was an artist and could capture it in paint.

New East of India Life's a Beach Picture Sign Beach Hut No1

Have a great weekend!

Sarah x


  1. That yellow poppy is wonderful! It always amazes me to see flowers growing on the beach! Here flowers have been squashed - wind, rain and worst of all our two dogs had a dog play fight in the garden and ended up in the flowerbed!!! I was not best pleased! Love the sea meets sky photo! Have a good weekend!

  2. Dear Sarah,
    What a delightful post. The area of Devon that you live in and so close to the sea looks so beautiful and inviting.
    Imagine 300 thousand pounds for that little cottage.. its the situation that one is paying for i suppose.. I too would have loved to see inside. I can imagine on a cold winters night..the sea with heavy swells bashing onto the beach. Maybe just for a summer home.!
    I love plaice...I have'nt eaten it in years.
    I would love to know more about your "Slow Food"!
    its amazing how those flowers grow in such bleak conditions.
    I never knew there were beach tulips or even cabbages.. I have learnt something today.
    Thank you Sarah.
    Happy weekend
    val x

  3. Hello Sarah:
    Oh how these pictures make us yearn to be by the sea. You are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful seascape on the doorstep and to be able to enjoy the sea in all its different moods. We do think that the Dorset coastline is amongst the prettiest in Britain and these images remind us of many happy times spent in Lyme Regis.

    We used to try and grow Sea Kale for its glorious glaucous foliage in our garden in Herefordshire. However, it never thrived as it absolutely hated the cold, wet Herefordshire clay.

    1. I hadn't thought of growing it in the garden we have a gravel garden so I might try collecting some seeds and see what happens. Did you grow it at Arrow cottage in Herefordshire?
      Sarah x

    2. We believe that it might well thrive for you in a gravel garden and we think that it is certainly worth giving it a try. Yes, we did grow it at Arrow Cottage. If you click on the picture on our sidebar it will, in fact, take you to a post which we did almost exactly a year ago on the garden.

  4. Lovely post Sarah. What pretty yellow poppies! It's amazing what you find when you take the time to look. xxx

  5. Wondeful pictures ,thanks for sharing,xxx

  6. Thank you for taking us all on a walk by the sea.

    Imagine that little cottage costing so much, it must be nice to be so close to the sea although personally I wouldn't buy it even if I could afford it, just imagine one freak storm and it's all gone in the blink of an eye.

  7. Oh how I wish I could live beside the seaside. I love the beach hut in your last photo. Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Thanks for taking me for a walk along "your" beach Sarah, I enjoyed it! It's quite different to "my" beach! I forgot to say on my wander the other day I didn't see another person. That is until you look out to the sea, and then it's very familiar. As for the expensive beach huts (we call them baches), the one on the right looks like a similar design to ones we have here, they're known as "duck-back" cottages. Have a lovely weekend x

  9. WHAUW, Sarah wat a lovely pictures a love the beach very much. And the plants on te beach are beautiful. We have now plants on te beach, there is only sand overhere. Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Petra.

  10. A lovely walk along the beach. I could almost hear the pebbles crunching underfoot. The yellow poppy is beautiful.

  11. Lovely pictures as usual Sarah. Isn't it funny how our coast is so different around the country? Have a great weekend! x

  12. Hej Sarah,

    thanx for your comment. if i see your pictures i`ll give it back! to live by the sea is an amazing and exciting time....have a nice day! Silvi

  13. Thank you for the walk along chesil, a beach I know well from many year ago when my children where small, we fished off chesil for mackerel a lot. The beach huts look as if they have been tidied (gentrified?) we always wanted the pink one on the end but not at that price.

  14. You are an artist Sarah. Photography is an art, and you clearly have an artist's eye - you could try that one with just bands of blue in pastels, just for fun! (Sorry, once an art teacher, always an art teacher!)

  15. Always nice to see such a beautiful place in England...I often watch COAST in TV and
    Like it to see all that long coastline with such a beautiful places and villages!
    You're lucky to live there!
    greetings fleur

  16. Gardeners World, last week I think, had a coastal gravel garden & Carol Klein chose a sea kale for it. They are really lovely.

    Chesil Beach - another place to go in a couple of weeks - I'm putting a little list together. Thank you for the kind offer of advice - in fact, the very best advice required is...any particularly good cafes in Weymouth? :) Thanks, Sam x

  17. the poppy looked really cute!!!
    The last pic is great!!!

  18. Hi Sarah,

    Loved seeing your beach photos, always so peaceful and lovely taking in the fresh, sea air.

    Happy weekend

  19. Hello Sarah,

    I am so very glad I popped over tonight to see your sea pictures. Yes, you ARE an artist: each of these photographs has had an effect on me. We left our fishing cottage on the coast of Normandy three years ago and, whilst it has been perfectly lovely moving to the Loire Valley with all its glorious gardens, we do, of course, miss the sea. Your pictures have been very soothing tonight. Your yellow horned poppy reminds me of the flower fairies I used to devour when I was a little girl. My very favourite is the path leading down to the sea; the one you wish you could paint.

    Have a beautiful week. Our weather is soggy and windy here again and the lavender is particularly slow at blooming this year.


  20. We've never ventured that way along Chesil - then again we've only ever visited your beautiful part of the country twice - lots to do and see, but so little time. Maybe we'll get to visit again - very soon....I hope.

    Beautiful pictures,

    Nina x

  21. What a different coastline from what I'm used to. And as for the price of the beach hut- well, let's just say I'm shocked.

  22. Dearest Sarah - These are amazing photos! Just the way I like it and what I am dreaming of! Thank you for you lovely comments on my posts. Regarding our home exchanges: No we have not swapped cars. We will, however, this year use the car of our Irish exchange partners (they offered it). SInce last summer we do not have a car anymore as we did hardly ever use it (living in the city center, station just up the road and in Switzerland the public transport system is fantastic). I can really recommend exchanging homes. We have never had a bad experience - in the contrary! Take care, Christa

  23. Hiya Sarah,
    As always thank you for your kind words over on mine.
    Lovely photographs...
    We have four beaches here in cumbria, in fact we are very coastel indeed!
    But you have captured your views wonderfully!
    My hubbie runs on our nearest beach most days....
    He only sees dog walkers as it is so early..
    Goodness grief, wonder who can afford the beach hut!
    Have a lovely rest of week,
    Maria x


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