Weekend of celebrations!

What a wonderful weekend of celebrations, I hope everyone had a great time despite the weather not being at it's best!  However it wasn't bad conditions for running. Our son was running in his first half marathon in Plymouth at the weekend and we went to see him in action.

He had injured some ligaments in his ankle some time ago, and then hurt his knee recently so he hadn't been able to put in as much training as he wished, but he managed to run the 13 miles (21km) in 1 hour 55 minutes and was a great way to end his 4 years study at Plymouth university.

 We managed to have a jubliee picnic to celebrate both events!

On Monday evening there were fireworks in Weymouth to commemorate the Jubliee.

 A beacon was lit above the fort unfortunately as it was in a fire basket the fire and picture weren't very good. 

From our vantage point you could also see two more beacons in the distance, part of the 4,200 which were lit throughout the world.

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  1. Your picnic looks yummy. I would have loved to have seen the beacons, can't believe there were so many. Juliex

  2. Hello Sarah:
    How splendid that your son should have been running in the Plymouth half marathon. It seems to us that he made exceptionally good time and we very much hope that the event raised a great deal for charity.

    From all that we hear, mainly read to be truthful, it would seem that, despite the somewhat uncertain weather, many people really enjoyed themselves over the extended weekend and that, we feel, is as good a reason as any for the Jubilee celebrations.

  3. Congratulations to your son for running the mini marathon!

  4. Great pictures and very well done to yourson, you must be very proud, Claire xx

  5. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations to your son for getting his degree. You must be very proud! My youngest daughter will receive her exam results next week (secondary school). We are all excited and hope she will pass.

    Your son made a good time running the half marathon. Well done!

    The treats you made for your Jubilee pick nick look delicious! It must have been fun celebrating together.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  6. Hi Sarah, it sounds amazing!!...
    I love fireworks...

  7. Originally planned to go to the fireworks but got caught up with the Jubilee Concert on the television instead. I think the thing I would have liked best would have been to see fires on the Ridgeway.

    1. The one lit at Hardys Monument was quite clear on the sky line.x

  8. My son's a runner too ... I am in awe of his energy! Well done to your lad :D

    We watched the beacon lit on the church in the village ... I think that was the best bit of my weekend. The bells were rung for a solid two hours that evening. It was glorious :D

  9. Congratulations to your son! Mr D brother enjoyed the fireworks looking forward to coming down to see them again soon.Hoping for some sunshine soon. Lesley x

  10. well done to your son.
    We saw the local beacon too but my photograph is just an orange speck in the distance!

  11. Oh how fun and exciting when a country celebrates all together. Congratulations to your Son and hope his ankle continues to heal. You never want to over do it but you do not want to baby it either.
    About your snails, that would freak me out seeing so many. A few no problem. In the morning when I walk Opie to the park, there is a cluster of them, about seven, trailing over the pathway to the other cooler area.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your photos with us. Next month the Olympics! : )

  12. Hiya Sarah!
    Well done to your Boy!
    You and I both have athletic son's I see...
    Mine finished 4 years,last year at university (exspensive do)
    Enjoyed your post..
    Love Maria x

  13. Good on your son for completing both Uni and the run. Great news.
    I didn't get to see our local beacon being lit as it was too late for my 2yo but i'm enjoying reading about others. Weymouth for us in a fortnight - never been before and I'm v excited!

    Sam x

  14. Hi Sam, Hope you have a great time in Weymouth and the weather improves, if you want any tips let me know.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments.
    Sarah x

  15. I watched some of the jubilee on tv, must have been such a lovely vibe in the air! Congratulations to your son, indeed a great way to finish his studies!


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