Homes in the Highlands and Skye

This photo above has to be my favourite picture of the week, what a view, and what a cottage I would love to have looked inside! It looks idyllic but it was probably a hard life in centuries gone by. 

We visited Colbust Croft Museum to see how the crofters would have lived in the 1800's. The entrance fee of £1.50 was left in a metal box with no attendant in sight, and you were free to wander around the croft. The croft had two main rooms, one room was used to house the animals. There were no windows just a chimney for the smoke from the peat fire in the centre of the floor. It was smoky and we all came out reeking of the peat smoke, although I didn't find the smell unpleasant.

The stones on the roof were there to stop the thatch blowing off the roof, we saw a few crofts with this feature in Skye.

Can you imagine how dirty everything must have become with the smoke of the fire.

Maybe a castle would be more your choice? This was Eilean Donan castle, which was restored in 1911, the restoration took 20 years. It felt very cosy and homely, which is quite unusual for a castle. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos of the inside.

Of course my preference would be for one overlooking the sea , how about this one?

Or one of these?

The view below was from our bed and breakfast accommodation in Skye, which was fantastic. I just wanted to sit there and take it all in!

The view constantly changed as the sun set.......

 However it was a bit different the following morning! 

 Finally this cottage with a fantastic display of lupins,it was situated on the banks of Loch Ness  - I think maybe it's too close to the monster for me!

We saw some many beautiful displays of lupins during our travels. I haven't seen so many growing wild since living in Germany as a child. Our American companions thought that they were very similar to the Texas Bluebonnets.

Welcome to my new followers Devon and Flori it's wonderful to have your company.

Sarah x


  1. wow you pictures are beautiful...thanks for sharing them.

  2. Wow!!! Those views! You gotta love Scotland :D

  3. oh lucky you!!! your travels seems so far away and exotic!! good for you. I love your photos!
    I am your newest follower from Pennsylvania...pls follow back if you can.

  4. Dear Sarah,
    Wonderful, wonderful photos of your recent trip - love the white cottage near the loch and the cottage with those gorgeous lupins!
    Have a great week!

  5. beautiful photography an amazingly stunning place...dramatic skies x

  6. Stunning views. I really like those 2 photos of the mountain across the lake where on one the top of the mountain is bright red.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! you've just transported me back to a couple of years ago, we spent our honeymoon on Skye. x

  8. Wonderful photos - looks like a great holiday. I like the top one best too.

  9. Just lovely Sarah!!
    I adore Lupins too...
    Your photography is fab..
    Have a week of Fun!
    Maria x

  10. My dear Sarah,
    I love your fantastic photos...they talk to me a very nice story. I would like holidays in this place....
    Sincerely Flori

  11. Amazing photos! I was in Edinburgh last year and would love to go back to visit the highlands:)

  12. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for your sweet comments. Oh I just love the post and all the wonderful photos. Thank you for the lovely tour.
    Have a wonderful day. Now on to your older postings. : )

  13. The lupins are wonderful! My son showed me pictures of lupins growing wildly in Sweden - I could not believe it! The red mountain looks like Ayers Rock and the village looks cozy and warm. My son plays bagpipe since many years and like this we have a bit of Scotland here as well! Paul and I were looking for a homeexchange on the Orkneys but we could not (yet) convince anyone to swap with us! I will try again and if I do not manage we shall stay at a BB! Great post and great photos, Sarah! Christa

  14. Wonderfull photos.
    Have a nice day<3

  15. Love the photos... :) makes me really wanna visit Scotland... it's coming to the top of my wanna go places :D

  16. Stunning photos! I'm writing a post on my blog about a cottage by the sea and would love to use one of these images, with a link back to you obviously - would that be OK?


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