Photo scavenger hunt May

This is my third attempt at the monthly photo scavenger hunt.  The object is to take a photograph of each heading that Kathy lists at the beginning of each month,see postcards from the pp for further details.


This canal boat has been in a field which I pass on the way to work and is gradually being reconditioned. When I saw that one of the headings was yellow I knew exactly what photo I would be taking, especially with the rape seed out in the background!


Daisy in the woods - you can see she is using her nose to pick up all the smells around her, including the wild garlic.

Do you see what I see?

An old boat rusting away


Axminster railway station - a lovely traditional country station..

I saw this egg box on a vintage stall. The box had old railway stickers showing GWR( Great Western Railway) and Falmouth Cornwal on itl. The eggs must have been put on the train by the farmer, and sent up country, I wonder where they ended up.....


The smell of the roses is just so wonderful at this time of year and this is one of our first  rose blooms in the garden.


I can't do without coffee especially first thing in the morning!

Nine trees in Teddy bear wood

The bank notes are from Nepal - where my daughter visited a few years ago. I like the pictures of the animals on them.

Front page

Coast magazine- one of my favourites  magazines. Once a month I can indulge in my love of the sea from all around the UK and aboard.

Small Package

I took this picture of the oriental poppy 'Pattys Plum' before work.

Good things 

This is the same poppy but later in the day- so good and amazing!

Thanks Kathy once again for organising it.
Sarah x


  1. Love those poppy pictures. The petals are like silk aren't they.

  2. Beautiful piccies - especially that barge. What a perfect shade of yellow. Juliex

  3. What gorgeous photos, I can't choose a favourite because I love them all.

  4. Lovely photos. I especially like the 'yellow' and 'nose' ones and the final poppy photos is simply beautiful.

  5. Wow, such a beautiful and colourful selection of photos. I love the poppies and that boat is amazing. The egg box is an interesting article of social history, never seen anything like that before.
    Lisa x

  6. Hi Sarah, once again all the pics are great... but I have to say that Daisy steals all the attention!!! Super super cute!!!

  7. I love all the photos but my favourite is of Daisy! The scavenger hunt sounds great!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful pictures - I'd like to say I could pin point a favourite, but they are all equally gorgeous.

    'Hello' and thank you for finding me - it's so lovely to meet you. I'll have a good old read when I find a spot of time.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  9. I've never seen an antique egg holder. Yellow was brilliant and who would think it would be in a field.

  10. The yellow is very striking and I adore the egg box. Lovely set of photos. x

  11. Wow, Sarah. I love every single image!! Each so special in their own way

  12. Your photos are great - I love 'yellow'!

  13. I love your photos, Sarah, all of them! And the subjects you've chosen are just right.

  14. What a wonderful set of photos love the last two especially. Poppys are such fun flowers aren't they!

  15. What a great group of photos, I like so many of them yellow, small packages, stationing think I will just list them all.

  16. Hi Sarah, these are lovely! Your yellow one was excellent and that boat is amazingly camoflaged!

  17. Great set of photos - love that egg box and the poppy pics are beautiful :-)

  18. Such gorgeous flowers! I like the egg box too.

  19. Such lovely photos and I really like your egg box. What a great find that was.

  20. Excellent photos - I love the yellow barge, the fragrant rose and the magazine. P.x

  21. I wish someone else would carry on with the scavenger hunt; it was such fun.


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