Friday, 8 February 2013

On the way to work

We take the country road to work, but over the past few months with all the rain we have been having it has been liable to flood, and we have had to take the main road instead.

When it has been passable the views from the car when the sun has shone have been quite spectacular so on my day off I had to come back and capture them!

                           The chalk stream, known locally as a Winterbourne is generally dry in summer but has now flooded the neighbouring meadows too.

 This lake is not usually quite this large -the coloured dogwoods always look good against the water.

I spotted the first winter aconites coming into bud and also snowdrops.

 Do you have a regular journey that has some highlights along the way?

Welcome to my new followers Animal Print Gal from ATiger in your engine , Julie, Jennifer, Olympia and Christine thank you for joining me.
Thank you also for your concerns expressed in my last post about the "oiled" seabirds they have discovered the substance was an additive used to improve the performance of oil. Despite identifying the shipping that was in the area at the time they have been unable to find the culprit.

Wishing you a good weekend.
Sarah x


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures Sarah . That's certainly a nice drive to work xx

  2. There is so much water around at the moment! Beautiful flowers! :) x

  3. my journey to work takes me throught our high street, if i'm driving, or sometimes i cycle along the prom which is of course much better for view, but it takes a bit more effort!

  4. So much water Sarah! When I look at your photo's it's difficult to understand you have had hosepipe bans in summer. The large pools do look beautiful. It's good to see the first spring flowers. I long for a bright sunny day in the garden :-) Thinking of you!

    Madelief x

  5. A lovely drive. I have many favourite routes and I like to vary them - it drives John nuts! Wishing you a lovely weekend too. juliex

  6. It's disconcerting how beautiful unwelcome things (like floods) can be.

  7. what a pretty drive to work! gorgeous shots of the countryside.

  8. I really like the first photo - the way the road curves and the third photo with the gate. In Hampshire we have had some rain but no flooding. I heard on the news about the birds - I hope they find the guilty party although I suspect they won't.

  9. I usually don't like flooded meadows but you show us there's even beauty in that and as long as only the meadows are flooded, things are still OK.
    I often think, "why didn't I bring my camera" when a view along the road catches my eye and would be photo worthy. But then again with traffic and highways and no possibility to park and having to be somewhere on time ;-) it would maybe be not that good for me to have my camera with me at all times ;-)

  10. I love the photo of the gate with the reflection and then you finish with an absolute favourite of mine, a beautiful snowdrop. x

  11. What beautiful pictures.. it is nice to know that spring is arriving, somewhere. We have a minor blizzard going on just now.. 8-12 inches of snow expected.

  12. A beautiful drive to work and I really enjoyed the photos! X

  13. Hi Sarah,

    I love your beautiful photos and the reflection of the trees in the water.
    Wish we could have some of your rainfall - looks like you are getting too much.
    Have a lovely weekend

  14. I also meant to say I love the sweet snowdrops and must be a sign that Spring will soon be there for you.


  15. Love the graphic reflections in these photos, Sarah and snowdrops always make me smile xo

  16. Buongiorno sara, grazie per le tue visite al mio blog; anche da me piove molto, a volte più a volte meno, ma adesso troppo spesso. I fiumi sono in piena ed il terreno è troppo bagnato, troppo zuppo per poter piantara qualsiasi cosa. Speriamo nel bel tempo ma non tutto insieme! Sono comunque molto le foto che hai pubblicato. Buon week end anche a te! Francesca

  17. I enjoyed your wonderful trip out too, Sarah!The country side looks so colour full...Ahhh Snow Drops, Springs promise of what's to come...Each morning on foot I walk to work through our local park...I find it so peaceful and up lifting....It always sets me up for my day!
    Take Time to dream~ And thank you for sweet words always...Love Maria x

    1. Hi again, Sarah....
      I have a surprise for YOU other on mine....
      ~Maria x

  18. Lovely scenery Sarah, we've got a bit of flooding here too!

  19. Such beautiful photos you have taken Sarah.. even though they are winter photos .. they have a charm about them. I love the changing of the seasons.
    The wild flowers so lovely peeping through.
    It is good the authorities found out what the substance was that affected the poor birds.. but such a shame no one has been held accountable. These big tankers often lighten their load.. the companies should receive big fines.
    Thanks for you comments on my posts Sarah.. always nice to see you.
    wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    I am off computer tomorrow.. and away i will be.
    xxx val


    I think I missed your bird post...I have been missing some blog posts lately!

    I have heard about many flooding incidents in England and I pray that all of you are well. We have also had patches of bad weather in our country, from floods, blizzards, heat waves and more. Keep well dear Sarah, and a hug to Daisy, please? Anita

  21. Those snowdrops! Beautiful photograph Sarah. I work from home but the journey into town is a lovely one through woods and by Loch Long and Holy Loch - photographs soon (when I get my camera back...)

  22. Your photographs are wonderful. I love the reflection of the trees/bushes in the water. I wish I had your talent in my photography,

  23. I was going to type that it looks like that around here, and then I realised that it probably looks like that most everywhere in the UK just now! But perhaps not so prettily. Lovely photos Sarah :D

  24. Absolutely lovely shots! Spring is on its way!

  25. Our snowdrops and aconites are just emerging too - I can't wait for spring - I think we have all had enough of the wet, grey days!

    Pomona x

  26. In my land, rains are habitually quiet, nothing extreme. I love weather changes but here,nothing "strong" happens. So, I enjoyed so much your beautiful photos.Thanks for the wellcoming (so kind! ) and for sharing those pictures and thougths with us.

  27. Beautiful photos Sarah. I've seen some snowdrops on my last walk too, they're so delicate and pretty and so tiny you almost miss them if you're not paying attention.

  28. Oh *wow* those reflections are amazing. I just wish the sea would stay still long enough for me to do the same.

    Nina x

  29. Sarah...such fantastic photos, and the snowdrops, I am envious. Spring already where you are!! sigh..sigh...

  30. Oh, so much water!
    In our garden, I see also a lot of snowdrops. That's a sign. Spring is coming.

  31. How lovely to have the choice of a country road too! I love the images of countryside England. My routes involve walking past the cafes or through the parks, by the water, past quaint, fancy and run down houses or the semi-industrial areas with all it's unique textures in the buildings. I didn't see your sea birds post, but I can't scroll down to look because if I see the birds I'll get upset. I really hope they find the culprit. Gggrrr.

  32. Lovely set of photos Sarah there`s something magical about water reflections

  33. You live in such a beautiful place!

  34. wow! very beautiful landscapes!

    Have a great St.Valentine's Day!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

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