Favourite moments of 2011

It is always difficult to choose ones favourite moments of the year, as there are always many - my nephews' wedding in April, our holiday in a chalet near St Ives with the children and their partners, many walks along the coast, the views of the garden and countryside through the changing seasons.

I think these however have to be in my top three:-

Having a picnic lunch ( including Cornish pastie) overlooking the ruined tin mines at Pendeen in Cornwall while listening to "Cousin Jack" sung by Show of Hands, which tells the story of Cornish miners leaving their homes and families and emigrating because there was no longer work for them in Cornwall. It was very atmospheric looking out at sea and the thinking of  the mines stretching out under the water and the lives of those miners.

Visiting a dairy farm on a beautiful evening in June and enjoying cheese and wine in the farmyard as the sun set.

Going on a three island day tour from Dubrovnik on a beautiful 70 year old fishing boat. The Captain was very friendly and served a wonderful grilled fish picnic lunch in a secluded bay.

There were 20 others on board all different nationalities and ages but by the end of the trip we were all great friends and the scenery was magnificent.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!