Why I have set up a blog?  A few weeks ago I had no plans to do so and then one of my favourite blogs went  off line and I realised that while  I had been perfectly content to just read other blogs I had not given anything back so hopefully this will make some amends.

Please look through some of my favourite blogs that I have listed most of which I have been following for a couple of years that have inspired me and enriched me and have given me a few minutes to relax and switch off during difficult times so thank you very much fellow bloggers!

What are your earliest memories of the sea ? Mine was visiting my Granny who lived overlooking the river estuary in Fowey in Cornwall.  The smell of sea weed still takes me instantly back there. Although I am so lucky to live within 15 minutes walk from the sea, my dream would be to live closer and have a sea view! In the meantime we try to go on a weeks holiday where we can fulfil the dream!

On holiday in Noss Mayo -Devon
I have lived in Weymouth for nearly 30 years. It is a busy seaside town with a large sandy beach, and attractive harbour and will be hosting the sailing events for the Olympics next year.

Weymouth harbour

Along the coastal path near Weymouth
 A few weeks ago my OH had to catch the early train to London, the sun was just rising and Daisy was given a different early morning walk.

 It was a great start to the day having the beach to ourselves!


  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I love Dorset... I used to come to Weymouth ,quite frequently, as a child!
    Have a very happy Christmas.
    Sal ;-)xxx

  2. Love the pictures, have a great Christmas


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