A walk around the garden in November

Just a quick walk around the garden showing pictures taken during the month of November. At the start of month there was still a bit of colour from the hydrangeas and autumn leaves.

Then all the magnolia leaves fell covering part of the lawn.

The leaves were gathered to put in bags to rot down and will be used in the garden as leaf mould when they evenually break down.

As we were clearing the leaves Twinkle decided we needed some supervision and found that the adandoned pigeon's nest in the tree was the best place to sit to observe.(She wouldn't have ventured up there if they had been around!) It looked very strange a cat sitting in a birds nest!

Some plants are still hanging around pretending it is summer- the geranuims we have had in the pots since May are still flowering so well that I haven't changed over to a winters display.

A penstomen still gives us a bit of colour.

The garden is now moving into it's winter phase as the plants die back everything looks rather sad and forlorn. At this time of year I spend more time inside and over the next month there is so much to do with Christmas just around the corner! How is your garden looking at the moment?

Following a tree update.......

The willow tree that I have been following all year that is a short wallk away from home, is now almost bare of leaves and has not suffered with the heavy rainfall we have had this week.

If would like to find more about tree following please visit Lucy at Loose and leafy
Wishing you all a good weekend ahead.
   Sarah x


  1. What lovely photos from your garden, I especially like the first one and the cat in the nest too!

  2. WHAUW Sarah what a beautiful pictures I love the picture with the cat at the birds nest. Take care Sarah have a nice day tomorrow, greetings Petra.

  3. Thanks for taking us around in your garden - there is much to see and discover - you made truly wonderful shots! Your cat in the nest made me smile. You are right X-mas is around the corner... we have had warm weather but now it is going to change and I hope I will feel about more Christmassy than I have done so far. Thanks for your sweet comment. I just needed a break - sometimes posting and blogging is a bit too much on top of everything else. BUT I am glad to be back. I can feel how happy it makes me. Happy greetings to wonderful England! Christa

  4. Love the photo of the cat in the pigeon's nest! Stunning!

  5. A lovely virtual walk, thank you. Twinkle is beautiful xo

  6. Your photos are great Sarah. I can't believe the amount of lawn that was covered by the Magnolia leaves and your cat in the nest was so cheeky.
    Patricia x

  7. I love the photo of Twinkle , little pickle, she looks as if she has the wind up her tail!
    I still have a little bit of colour in the garden, a few roses and rubeckia's still flowering.. although a sharp frost is forcast tonight
    Special wishes
    Thea x

  8. You should frame the photo of Twinkle in the nest - seems to have a look of "I am here, I am staying, but not sure whether I should be".

  9. Great november pictures. It's amazing how much difference there is between the beginning and the end of the month. Our garden has now taken on a winter coat as well. And inside I feel like I should really get started on some Christmas decorations.
    Love the 'cat in the nest' picture! So funny! Must have been a strong nest those pigeons made, they're known to build very fragile, falling apart nests aren't they?
    Thanks for the update on the tree. It's lovely to see its change over the different seasons.

  10. what a gorgeous garden you have. i love your cat in the bird's nest! :)

  11. Sarah, this is such a contrast to my garden! Isn't it great how through blogging you can experience different seasons at the same time. I love that photo of Twinkle nesting!! S:)

  12. I smiled as I saw the first picture. Because now I know you have been spared from the floods. I was on a plane when I heard about them and my first thought was whether or not you were affected. I'm pleased my friend. (And Daisy born in Paris? What a chic dog! x)

    1. We are lucky and live half way up a hill. Some of the minor roads have been flooded all week. Sarah x

  13. You have a lovely garden Sarah and that photo of Twinkle up on the tree made me smile, she's a cutie.

    I have a boring little garden I'm afraid as everything I plant never seems to do well for some reason :-(

  14. Liebe kleine Meerjungfrau,

    so ein Garten im Herbst hat doch etwas sehr erfrischendes, klares! Man nimmt die vielen, kleinen Dinge bewusster war. Der Himmel ist klar, die Luft frisch und der Duft von Erde und trockenem Laub läßt die gemütlichen Tage im Haus erahnen. Die Natur kommt zur Ruhe und wir Menschen hoffentlich auch. Aber was macht denn mein Kater MOMO in Eurem Baum? Twinkle sieht exakt so aus wie mein Kater, Zufall? Ein sehr schönes Bild von dem kleinen Nesthocker.Unter den Laubhaufen wird sicherlich der eine oder andere Igel seinen Winterschlafplatz finden, wie schön!

    Eine schöne Zeit wünscht dir die Babsi

  15. Seeing Twinkle in the bird's nest is the highlight of my morning. Thank you.

    It's snowing here in Zurich. Your pictures are a great reminder of what was once Autumn :)

  16. Still so much of interest, if you have the eye to see (which you clearly have!). Lovely post Sarah.

  17. Gosh your geraniums are doing well! We've nothing left in flower in our little patch except a few violas in hanging baskets.

  18. Beautiful autumnal and windswept pictures of your garden - thank you for sharing. x

  19. Sarah, your November is absolutely lovely! So is ours, however, we typically have snow but this year, warm days actually fill our week! Happy day, Anita

  20. Hi Sarah, just catching up with your posts, it is a busy old time, is it not?
    Your garden is still wonderful and the climate here is playing cheeky tricks on mother nature with little primroses peeping through!
    Brrr jack frost has been out and about this morning, but that's so much better than all the dreaded rains and floods! YAY bring on the frosts...
    Sending ******* twinkles and loving your 'Twinkle' too!!
    Love Maria x

  21. A lovely walk! I am intrigued by the tree following of yourself and Lucy. I am now thinking up a cunning plan, as I would like to try it!! Thanks for sharing your world:~))

  22. I enjoyed the walk around tour garden and I love the photo of twinkle on the nest! X

  23. My garden still has some flowers. I posted today about my garden.
    I feel sad when its cold and windy and the flowers are open to the elements.
    What a great photo of your twinkle in the birds nest.. that is amazing. Cats are very clever.
    You can pick your hydrageas and make a nice christmas arrangement.
    winter is here Sarah.
    enoyed seeing your garden.
    xx val

  24. Oh Sarah, Twinkle in the bird's nest made me smile!

  25. Your garden still looks lovely. Ours is looking a bit sad and I can't wait for it to be full of flowers again.

  26. you have a lovely garden, you cant really walk around ine, as you can stand at the back door and see everything there is to see haha

  27. Hi Sarah,

    Loved seeing around your beautiful garden and how adorable is the sweet photo of Twinkle.

  28. Wish I'd caught up with this post sooner. Will put a link from Loose and Leafy. The willow and water is lovely.


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