Autumn inside and out

I like to enjoy the best of autumn both in and outside the home.

The view out of our front window is always so colourful at this time of year from the Liquidambar tree that we planted many years ago.

As the leaves fall they leave a red blanket on the ground that looks good for a few weeks until we clear up all the leaves, as the tree grows larger the job each year takes longer!

It's time to bring out the blankets and throws too, that provide the extra warmth.

                                           The last of the garden flowers are bought in

Also a few branches to remind us in the evenings, of the colours outside when it is too dark to see them.

Welcome to my latest follower Lazy Daisy Jones thank you for joining me. I  hope you all you enjoy a cosy autumn weekend (or  fresh spring weekend). I'll be out in the garden clearing the leaves weather permitting! If you would like to join in with my Giveaway you still have time- the closing day is Sunday

                                                           Sarah x


  1. Love the hydrangeas in the vase and those blankets make me want to snuggle underneath one on the sofa - it certainly chilly here tonight.

  2. Another beautiful post Sarah - I just loved scrolling down to see what would appear next - every picture a treat to see.

  3. what an stunning tree, so lovely to see that you too enjoy the simple seasonal changes Emmax

  4. What a beautiful Autumn colours!
    Nice warm blankets too!
    I love Autumn!
    greetings Flur

  5. This post has such a lovely feel of cosy nights by the fire as the winter draws in. Love it :D

  6. How beautiful! There is so much to admire in the Autumn! Your tree is lovely and I like the way you've brought the last of the flowers in and appreciating the leaves! My favourite kind of post!

  7. stunning colour & lovely autumn images!

  8. Wow, that tree is soooo colourful! :)

  9. Hello Sarah, what a beautiful picture's of this time of the year, I love the colors of the tree, so nice the red in autumn time. Have a nice weekend, enjoy your time in the garden. Greetings Petra.

  10. Thats a lovely tree, It's nice to bring such colourful branches inside,I never think to do that now the flowers are over. Well and truly autumn from those pictures!

  11. Good morning Sarah and sweet Daisy girl!

    ENJOY THOSE sweet sea breezes and think of me. I love the sea but these days, I am rather happy that we are far from its raging fury. Our dear neighbors to the east have experienced the worst weather to date.

    Be well sweet friend! Anita

  12. Hello again - there is something very delicious about the colours at this time of year and your photographs capture this very neatly. Love those blankets - I have 'discovered' a small pile of them in the house recently and thinking of embroidering some of them with some snowflake type patterns - not half as nice as yours.
    Keep warm
    Best wishes

    1. That sounds lovely, I'll look forward to seeing them!

  13. Delightful collection of photos Sarah - a nice reminder - the inside/outside theme. I hope you get outside this weekend to rake up the leaves.

  14. Lovely pictures Sarah, especially love your boat lamp.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Annie x

  15. Ooh no going back now Sarah! The seasons are changing so quickly...
    We too are nestling down and extra blankets are most certainly required.
    I love your little boat lamp and those died hydrangeas are beautiful..
    Have a fun weekend and keep warm!
    love Maria x

  16. Autumn inside looks much warmer)))

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  17. What an amazing range of colours. I love the way you've displayed them too.

  18. Autumn is my favourite time of year - wood smoke, roast chestnuts, crunchy leaves, berry coloured clothes, thick woolly tights, scarves and gloves, baked potatoes, fireworks.... Brilliant!

  19. A most beautiful post Sarah,
    The liquid amber tree is stunning. I would love to paint that ..
    Your garden, is still looking good.
    I have my winter duvet on now and my throws are around.
    If its not too late..would like to enter your giveaway!
    please put my name down.
    thank you always for your kind comments over at my blog
    happy weekend Sarah

  20. Lovely post - I envy you your Liquidambar this year. We too have had one for quite a few years and it's normally glorious in autumn. But this year there was far more yellow than red before the leaves fell. The wet summer, I guess.
    Keep up the good work :)

  21. Gorgeous pictures! I love your idea of bringing in branches from the trees. I hadn't ever thought of doing that! I will tuck away that idea until next fall. This year's leaves have already fallen.

  22. lovely photos and again I never heard of liquidambar, I'm off to research that.


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