The Royal Yacht Britannia

Her Majesty's Royal Yacht Britannia was the former yacht of Queen Elizabeth and is now a tourist attraction. It was decommissioned in 1997 but during it's working life it carried out 696 foreign visits and 272 in English waters carried the Queen, other members of the Royal family and dignitaries. It could also be converted to a Hospital ship in times of conflict. This weekend is  60th Anniversary of it's launch when we visited Scotland last June we visit its and I suddenly remembered I had not shared this with you! 

It was a very wet day in Edinburgh and I have always been curious to see the ship, my OH wasn't that keen but agreed to tag along! It was so wet that this in the only photo we have of the outside of the vessel!

We were surprised how homely and welcoming it felt. Maybe it was because the decor was very 50's and  60's (classified as vintage these days!)

The lounge

The dining room where state occasions were held while aboard
Cocktail bar

The Queen's bedroom

Accomodation for the Royal Marines was a bit more cramped!

The laundry room - where lots of washing took place - the staff had to change their uniforms up to 3 times a day!

The operating theatre
My OH did end up with a smile on his face!
 I couldn't resist adding another picture of Scotland to finish the post. This is Loch Garry and the shape of the loch looks very much like the shape of Scotland.

I have a best week ahead so I apologise if I don't get around to visiting and commenting on other blogs. Wishing everyone a good week ahead.
Sarah x


  1. Why did I miss this on my trip to Edinburgh??? Very interesting! I have to go again! Thanks a lot, Sarah! Christa

  2. Sarah dearest,THANK YOU for this tour of a magical place. How I would LOVE to go to see the beauty, to heart the BRRRRRRR of the Scots, and to smell the salty air. Much love and hugs to you and sweet Miss Daisy! Anita

  3. WOW, thanks for the tour of the inside of the Britannia.. Lovely... Hugs Judy

  4. That looks like a really interesting place to visit Sarah. I must remember next time we go to Edinburghxx

  5. How interesting! Thanks for posting that.

  6. It looks just how I had imagined, very Queen on holiday like!
    Have a lovely week....sounds interesting!

  7. I really enjoyed seeing the Britannia and the view of the loch and mountains is just beautiful in the last image.

  8. A magnificent photo of log Carry! The Britannia looks impressive too. When you look at the lounge, it's difficult to believe you are on board of a ship.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  9. Sarah, what a lovely tour inside that amazing ship and the photo of the loch. Have a fabulous week.

  10. Thanks for the visit, Sarah. I saw a documentary about the Britannia, but especially appreciate your perspective which helps me feel as though I were there as well :-)

  11. The sleeping quarters of marnines is a bit like sardines! Thanks for showing such an interesting post.

  12. It is a treat to see inside the Royal Yacht Britannia. H was invited to the final cocktail reception on her when she was docked near Tower Bridge, London before she made her final journey up to Edinburgh. The Royal Marines played for them on the deck. No invite for me, so lovely that I can see where he went.
    Last photo of Loch Garry is lovely.

  13. We visited a few years ago when the boys were a wee bit wee for taking much time to admire interiors but we did enjoy it. I think they'd get more out of it now. Juliex

  14. I've just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it! Weymouth is one of my favourite places so its nice to read about your life there and I can't wait for my holiday there in October!

    1. Hi Gemma.
      Welcome thanks for joining me! Hope you have a good time here in October, in the meantime I hope I can give more glimpses of this part of the country!
      Sarah x

  15. I loved the sofas in the first pic, and the last one of the loch was stunning. CT x

  16. The interior of the yacht does look very homely. Hope there wasn't too much call on the operating theatre. Yikes!

  17. Now that's the way to travel, great photos.

  18. What a lovely and interesting posting. Glad you had a good time:)

  19. How beautiful the interior of the yacht is. I am definitely 'vintage'.. I love that style of furnishing.. mixed with modern never outdates.
    You took some great photos Sarah.
    It sure was a wet day. OH.. looked as though he was ready for duty.);
    Happy Monday
    Val x

  20. Lovely photographs; they really give a sense of life on board when Britannia was in use. I had no idea it included an operating theatre; that's fascinating. And Loch Garry looks stunning.

  21. What a big lounge and dining-room, it doesn't feel like they're in a yacht at all what a contrast with the photos of the laundry room and the accommodation for the Marines which is a lot more cramped. Great view on your last photo.

  22. Great post. I have actually had a personal tour many many years ago before she was decommissioned. An officer who was on Britannia and who lived nearby showed me and a friend round. We weren't allowed into the Royal quarters, only allowed to view through windows and I was surprised at how the decor had never been updated and, to be honest, just looked really old fashioned!

  23. If you hadn't told me it was a yacht, I would have thought the lounge was just someone's home. It would be fun to tour it.

    Thanks for the virtual tour.

  24. Fascinating! I'd love a tour round it myself, just to be nosey!

  25. That was a very nice tour! Thanks for sharing. X

  26. Hey Sarah,

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you pop over to my blog you can see what it's all about. It's just a bit of fun really, and I'll understand if you don't want to participate. I just love reading your blog, and thought I'd share that with others.

    Leanne xx

  27. Hello Sarah!

    That loch looks absolutely beautiful! I must say that your pictures are all wonderful - despite the very drizzly day you had :-)

    Happy week to you.


  28. We have just found this wonderful blog post and are delighted you enjoyed your experience aboard Britannia so much. It is lovely to see your photographs and read all the lovely comments above.

    We hope we can welcome you all back on board again soon.

    (from the resident blogger at The Royal Yacht Britannia!)


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