Cookery challenge update

I have been taking part in a years cookery challenge to try cooking all the recipes in one cookery book. The book I have chosen is " River Cottage Every Day" by Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall (see my previous post here.)  

Unfortunately I have only managed on average to try one new recipe a week- so I still have a long way to go but we have enjoyed all of the dishes we have tried.  What has impressed us most with these recipes is the blend of different flavours and textures that make the vegetable dishes so tasty and interesting.

Beetroot and walnuts with a yogurt dressing.

Sweet potato, puy lentil and rocket salad

 Curried egg, lentils and parsley rolls

We have always enjoyed eating lentils and Hugh has included them in many of his recipes. I would never have thought of adding them to sandwiches and they were delicious.

As it is heading towards summer here we have started to try more summery dishes one of the more wintry dishes we dishes we really enjoyed was Wild mushroom stoop. It falls between a soup and a stew and we thought it was much more tasty than most meat stews we have taken.

The other participants  in the cookery challenge are:-

Cooking Club
 Lucent Imagery * From River’s Edge Explody Full * Christa to the Max *Juanita Tortilla

  If you are interested in joining, please contact Lucent Imagery- you can start at any time.

Have you tried any new recipes or cook books recently that you have enjoyed?
Sarah x


  1. M cooks a new one each weekend for me from Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals, except they usually take an hour! CT x

  2. That sounds fun! I may have a thnk about joining in. Have you seen the film Julia & Julia? About a woman who blogged about making a reipie a day from Julia Child's 'Mastering the Art Of French Cooking' I really enjoyed it.

    Leanne xx

    1. I have been meaning to watch this for sometime, thank you for reminding me.
      Sarah x

  3. This looks like a very interesting challenge. All the dishes you made look good, but I wasn't quite sure what the beetroot was at first; it's such a pretty kind, with the white going through it, almost like marble.

  4. Well done for doing this, I try and do a recipe from each cook book as much as I can which means, we have batches of Nigel Slater and Nigella, Ruth Allen etc etc. All good though and it's nice to have a variety of things to eat. x

  5. All three of these look like winners - very nutrious too. I like the sound of the puy lentils added to the rolls, it would be easy to cook a few extra and keep them handy.

  6. Oh Sarah, this looks so GOOD! That beet root and walnut salad is not only beautiful, but I would imagine it takes fabulous with the walnuts! Isn't it fun to eat the variety of colorful foods from the garden, rather than foods that is highly processed?

    Enjoy the rest of the cookbook and summer, as it wafts its way into our kitchens and garden dining areas! Good to see you, Anita

  7. The mushroom stoop sounds good, as does that beetroot in yogurt. With my reading group we tried some recipes from the Great British Bake Off - we all (with the exception of 1 lady) had a disaster!

  8. Makes me hungry looking at your photos, fun idea.

  9. That sweet potato, lentil and rocket salad looks delicious!

  10. Oh my, now I am hungry Sarah.. Off to the kitchen! Great post.

  11. YOU go girl ...I love a new try at things... All those dishes look chef worthy my friend.. HUGS and blessings your way ... TOODLES

  12. Each dish is making my mouth water! Especially the beetroot dish. Looks like a fun challenge. X

  13. It all looks yummy and now I feel hungry and it's no-where near lunchtime yet. I can recommend the mushroom soup in that book it's delicious ... Sarah x

  14. What delicious photography. Although I do love to cook i'm not very good at trying out new recipes but this post has made me want to give something new a go. The film Julia & Julia is well worth a watch.
    I'm so glad I've found your blog it's beautiful, your imagery is breath taking. My children and I love Weymouth and the Jurassic coast we spend a lot of time along this coast line come rain or shine.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend
    Joanne x

    1. Welcome and thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad you love the Dorset coastline as much as we do. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.
      Sarah x

  15. I am having trouble finding a favourite dish among these 3, because they all look mouth-wateringly good!

  16. Dear Sarah,
    Ι give you the recipe of a greek traditional dish, very nutricious and very easy to make but it's not a summery dish because it's a lentil soup.Keep it for the winter cold days,you are going to like it!

    INGREDIENTS (serves 4)
    2 cups of brown lentils
    2 average onions, choppped
    3 garlic cloves
    sea salt and pepper
    500g. tomatoes, grated
    1 tablespoon tomato paste
    3 bay leaves
    extra virgine olive oil
    1,5lt water
    wine vinegar (optional, for serving)

    Preparation: Ιt's important to wash the lentils, before cooking to avoid the foam.

    We put in a large pot water, lentils, onions, origano, bay leaves,garlic,olive oil and salt and pepper. We cook in medium heat for 20 minutes.
    We add the tomatoes and the paste, we stir and continue to cook for 25-30 minutes. We always keep an eye on the water. When ready, we serve.
    Serving:We serve the lentil soup in a deep dish, adding vinegar (optional).

  17. Thank you for sharing this traditional Greek dish. I often make lentil soup with orange lentils in the winter, and it will be nice to try a different type of lentil soup. I shall definitely give this a go on a cold day. As I walked past the health-food shop this week they had a display of 5 different types of lentil in the window. I was have only used orange,green and Le Puy so I'm glad I now have a recipe to try a new variety.
    Sarah x

  18. These all look great Sarah.
    Its getting warmer now, so its salad time and easy food.
    very healthy.

    Sarah. I have lost my blog. I have worked two full days on trying to recoup it. It just went haywire, yesterday morning. When google asked for a new password due to hacking purposes.. from there it was one thing after another... then i wanted to make a new blog which i have done.. but also with bloglovin. vals Alentejo. Try and find my new blog at http://valrosa59.blogspot
    I seem to have lost my way.
    friends connect finishes end of july.. and i was reading so many angry posts on blog about it this morning.. why do blogger always have tochange.
    I hope that I can get you.. I have followed you on bloglovin..... hope you will still follow me... I am still trying to work it all out.
    happy weekend Sarah.. val xxx

  19. I hope you got my comment Sarah.

    I have lost my blog.. and started a new one.. but am having trouble getting it together.
    I have come to you through bloglovin.. I am following you... hope you will follow me.
    I posted two posts just to see if anyone commented but they havent found me..
    please try http://valrosa59blogspot. i hope it works.
    its still vals alentejo.
    happy weeekend...
    love your salad menu's.. ideal now for the warmer days.

  20. Hi Sarah,

    Your dishes all look so good - we really enjoy watching Hugh's show over here.
    I love the combination of beetroot in a yoghurt dressing - we actually had that as a side dish at our daughter's birthday lunch.
    I received the recipe book, Little Paris Kitchen from my daughter for my birthday, so am looking forward to trying some new meals, from it.

    Enjoy the weekend

  21. I love the look of all of these- Mouth watering:)

  22. Dear Sarah,

    These recipes you have tried are exactly the style of cooking, and ingredients, I love the post. The tomato and lentil recipe above from Things and Thoughts is a staple recipe I cook for my children and myself during the colder months.

    Thank you for sharing!


  23. Only one new recipe a week? That's pretty good you know! (so are your photographs Sarah..)

  24. SARAH AND DAISY! Thank you both for coming to my cottage! It has been a wonderful 17 year journey in so many ways, not just in our home renovation, but in our careers and having moved away from our childhood state of residence in the last 28 years. Life is good, and now my hope is to take a trip this summer to our honeymoon spot: CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA in northern California. I know you would love it. Gracious cliffs and wild blue shores, fairytale cottages and an art community. It is stunning.

    Wishing you a wonderful new week....pats on the head to Daisy, please! Anita

  25. I would also recommend watching Julie and Julia too, it's a delightful movie. I've thought of it often whilst doing this challenge. These meals look so delicious that I actually said "yum" out loud. Please don't forget that I did have a head start on everyone because it was a personal project started just after Boxing Day before I set it as a Cooking Club project in the New Year. For the first couple of months I was randomly picking recipes and creating menus from it. Now I'm working through the remaining recipes consecutively. (Which can result in the chicken overload!) So glad you're on this project with me. x


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