Oh I do like to be beside the seaside - in Dorset!

We had some amazing weather over Easter, with some incredible sunrises and sunsets.

I have been admiring the sunrises on the way to work, but it is frustrating not to capture them so on a day off I wandered up the lane and enjoyed this view........

The churchyard at Eype is smothered in primroses at the moment, it has a designated area to attract wildlife. I had to smile as I came across a rabbit enjoying his breakfast close to one of the gravestones, of course he moved very quickly on seeing me!

Every night the sunset is so different, my son and his girlfriend came to stay and we all walked down to the beach at Eype to smell the sea air, walk on the beach and enjoy the pink hues over the water.

There were some fishermen settling down for the evening.....

The moon appeared as we headed back over the hill for home ......

Another evening's walk and the sunset makes the cliffs at West Bay even more orange than usual.

Once we had passed some more fisherman the beach was deserted ........

I wish I could share the fresh smell of the sea as it crashed upon the shore.......

 It is so good to be beside the sea!

Sarah x


  1. Always such lovely photos, Sarah! I love your new banner too. I was visiting West Bay a couple of weeks ago but didn't have time to contact you about meeting up as we were only there for a few days. It was so good to see and smell the sea!

  2. Hey Sarah,
    I couldn't agree more! What a beautiful palette of colour the Dorset coast offers.
    Leanne xx

  3. Wonderful pictures on both posts of the sea and the views over the hills and Tavi is such a fun dog.

  4. What beautiful photos. Evening walks are magical aren't they. Glad you had such a lovely time over Easter. CJ xx

  5. Thanks so much for posting, Sarah, and sharing some of the beautiful sights you saw...I never tire of looking at your photos :) xx

  6. Your two posts have convinced me Sarah, as if I needed convincing.. I must make time for a trip to the coast. Soon. Have a good week x

  7. Well, your two posts just made me totally envious of the beauty that surrounds you. I have always wanted to visit Cornwall.

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Both posts are so beautiful.. what a stunning beach. One can never tire of the beach and the sea.
    Your photos show all the beautiful colors of the rocks and sea and sunset.. really lovely posts.
    wishing you a happy week..
    I am catching up with everyone.. val xxx

  9. I love the sunrise pics. It reminds me of when I used to travel to work and wished I had the time to stop and take in the lovely views of the sunrise or the mist hovering over the hills below. I always said that when I'd retired from work I would get up early one morning and drive up there to sit and admire the views. I've not done it yet!

  10. Enchanting! Especially that second photo. Do you live off that lane?

    1. I live off a path that links to that lane. We can see some of the hills from our home. Sarah x

  11. Oh, what a beautiful place. I love the sunset photos especially!

  12. Your wonderful photographs almost do capture the smell of the sea¬

  13. Such a lovely place to walk, and I can't wait to see primroses when I fly home to Cornwall in early May. I hope they will still be out then.

  14. The primroses will probably have gone over by then but you should see lots of Bluebells and cow parsley instead. Sarah x

  15. I know what you mean about the pink skies, we've had some incredible sea mists rolling in, the views always change don't they.

  16. Your evening walks to the beach look magical! I love your photos, especially the first and second ones - the quality of light is very atmospheric. It must be great to be able to walk to the beach from home - thank you for sharing :)
    Cathy x

  17. What a beautiful area you live in. Love the sunsets, the primroses growing in the churchyard and the view you took from the lane - magical. I really want to return to your part of the world, it is years since I visited West Bay and Bridport. xx

  18. As you said "It's so good to be beside the sea" Love the waves crashing down on the sand.

    All the best Jan

  19. You capture it beautifully with your words and pictures, I miss that happy little patch of England very much.
    Will be back in July, yippee!


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