The buildings of West Bay and signs of Spring.

The beginning and end of the day are for me the best times to be down by the sea, when the day trippers have returned home and only the residents remain -some of which included the feathered variety......

Most of the fishing boats are safely back in harbour.....

The buildings around the harbour area are all very different in style. My favourites include the old thatch cottages and the arts and craft style of  the Pier terrace which was designed by Edward Schroeder Prior (see below.) The Pier Terrace was originally built to attract the tourists to a new resort. West Bay in the early 20th century didn't become as popular holiday destination as they hoped.

On the opposite side of the harbour the buildings and architecture are more modern...

There are also buildings that were used for the port trade and have now been recycled. This warehouse is now an art gallery and cafe......

Or the more classical style of this building and the 19th century church

the top of which is a popular look out point!

But the star of the show always has to be the natural landscape......

Each day more flowers are reappearing along the coast path here captured here are white bells, sea spinach  mallow. We are going to Sorrento on holiday in early summer I was reading that they used the mallow leaves to wrap the local cheese before transporting it to Naples. Some of the leaves look huge already.

These seed heads look so beautiful at this time of year!

There are signs of spring appearing all around. Walking on the Ridgeway yesterday, we noticed the pattern of the falling blossom in the garden on this old manor house which is now a Nursing home for the Elderly.

The lambs in the field are frisky and full of curiousity.

 Tennis was originally only played inside, the long building below is a real tennis court it was built in 1885 and was one of many similar buildings built throughout the country. Lawn tennis became more popular and many of these buildings fell into disrepair. It is good to see this one has been restored and is still be used for the purpose that was intended.

 The blossom is slowly appearing on the trees....

and the leaves on the beech tree are just emerging.

Over the weekend we were shocked to hear about the massive earthquake that has caused such a huge loss of life in Nepal. Our daughter visited Nepal five years ago and helped in projects to improve schooling and also viewed the water projects to provide easy access to water in the mountain villages. It is this same area unfortunately that was the epicentre of the earthquake. We hope that these small remote communities far away from the main cities will receive urgent assistance as soon as possible.


Update on Nepal - as the news has worsened over the past few days, with the death toll rising and the weather not helping the situation we were relieved to hear that the village that my daughter visited only had one building damaged, they seem to be have been more fortunate than others.

 Sarah x


  1. It's so sad to hear about the events in Nepal. We have so much to be thankful for here on Britain. I'm loving the signs of Spring too, it's lovely to see new growth everywhere

  2. Lovely photos Sarah - I love the one of the dandelions.
    I too have been thinking about the devastation in Kathmandu, the catastrophe seems to be worsening day by day. We travelled home from Delhi with a young Nepalese man living here, but who had been home to do some climbing - I am wondering if his family are safe.

  3. Dear Sarah,

    I am like you and love the sea in the early morning and in the evening and especially when all the tourists go away and it is back to peace and quiet.
    Loved seeing all your gorgeous photos.
    Yes, so very sad to see the people of Nepal and all the suffering. Lovely that your daughter was able to help out with projects over there.
    We have a friend that was going to Bass camp in the start of May so he probably won't be going now.
    Hope you have a good week

  4. I love visiting you to see all of your fantastic photos.

    We need to visit because I would love my husband to paint photo number 3.

    1. I'm sure Steve would have painted a wonderful picture of those boats, his style is so distinctive. Sarah x

  5. A wonderful walk through your lens. Excellent photos, I have picked two of them for my Pinterest boards.Those affected by the earthquake in Nepal remain in my thoughts, we are so weak in front of this kind of desasters.

  6. So terrible the loss of all those people in Nepal caused by the earthquake, a real catastrophe.
    Your surrounding is so beautiful, the sea, the cliffs and all the new growth of spring, thank you for this tour around.
    I remember we have been to West Bay a long time ago, about 30 years. We were camping there on a cliff, a wonderful spot with beautiful views, only at night there was much wind, the children thought we were blowing away with tents and all.

  7. We all are shocked about Nepal! What a catastrophe - the poor people.
    Your photos are lovely, Sarah - the house for the elderly people is wow!! I love your landscape Photos like always.


  8. Great photos, those lambs are so cute. I too am loving the signs of Spring.. :o)

    It's horrible to hear/see about the loss of lives and the devastation that the earthquake caused in Nepal.. my heart goes out to those poor people :o(

  9. What a beautiful post - I so enjoyed today's visit to Down by the Sea :). Devastating news about Nepal, my heart goes out to everyone there. It's wonderful though that in this modern world we can all donate a little to help those in such a desperate situation, not something that could have happened 100 years ago or so.

  10. Such a wonderful walk to take with you. The events in Nepal are indeed so tragic, I do so hope and wish that the people your daughter met are all safe. xx

  11. Dearest Sarah, the sea is in my blood. I love to come here to join your tours, hoping that Tavi will be our tour guide! Oh those lambs, so precious, and each seaside shot you share evokes just joy in my heart. I too love the early part of the morning and the evening by the ocean, and soon my husband and I will depart for a 10 day excursion on the northern shores of Carmel, California. YOU would love it there....Google it!

    Much love and many thanks for this gentle world of yours! Anita

    1. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I have seen posts about Carmel it looks a lovely place by the sea and it also has some amzing buildings! Sarah x

  12. My heart goes out to them too. We are so lucky xxx

  13. A lovely look around your new area Sarah, same here, the trees are turning green and it's all looking so promising. Lets hope aid can get in and quickly reach the people still alive.

  14. Such wonderful pictures! You must love those times when the tourists have all gone home and you have your village to yourselves. The news out of Nepal is so sad. Friends of ours have a grown daughter who they adopted from Nepal, and I was relieved to see their Facebook post yesterday saying her birth mother and sisters are safe. Their home is damaged and they are living in a tent in a nearby park, but they are okay. Your daughter must be wondering about all the people she met when she was there.

  15. Sarah your photographs are wonderful and springlike. Snow here! But we are safe and warm.and thankful.

  16. The news from Nepal is very bad and keeps getting worse. When you look at the lovely pastoral shots in your post it is hard to remember how deadly nature can be.

  17. What gorgeous pictures. It's lovely to rediscover the outdoors at this time of year isn't it. It's hard to imagine how enough assistance will reach all the remote villages affected by the earthquake. The amount of devastation is hard to comprehend. It's heartbreaking, and no doubt a long struggle lies ahead for everyone there.

  18. Love your photos. It is my way of visiting foreign places.

  19. The brilliant colours of the boats in the harbour create quite a contrast against the captivating blue of the water.
    Such a beautiful tour, always a pleasure to visit.
    May we all hold the people of Nepal in our hearts and hope they can start life anew amidst such tragedy...

  20. Stunning photos Sarah. I know what you mean about visitors and day trippers going home at the end of a busy day, we have the same here at Leigh on Sea and Southend. Dreadful news about Nepal. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the tragic events. P x

  21. Some lovely photos. And, yes, isn't it awful to hear of the devastation in Nepal - your daughter must be feeling it very keenly if she knows some of the area well. I do hope help is getting to those remote areas. It is somewhere I would love to visit one day - if I'm lucky. Juliex

  22. I had no idea what had happened in Nepal as I don't have a TV, read a newspaper or listen to the radio, thank you for letting me know.
    Your photos are such a wonderful assortment of historical, natural and vibrant x

  23. Hey Sarah,
    Yes the events in Nepal are shocking and terribly sad. I visited Sorrento as a teenage girl on a school trip to Italy. I found it very romantic!
    Leanne xx

    1. We are going there as a special treat as our 30th Anniversary is this year! I'm sure we will find it romantic too but not quite the same as you did as a teenager! Sarah x

  24. Tragic what's happened in Napal just tragic! We cannot comprehend or understand how nature works! Lovely photographs Sarah, I love to go sightseeing, it's one of my favourite past times, to get in the car and drive with hubby, visiting all different towns and villages. This is so special...our weather is still chilly though, as is yours I am sure, but I've seen a few bluebells out already. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! Sharon x

  25. Wonderful shots of your part of the world as usual - they are an inspiration and one day I hope to see them all for myself.

  26. There is something about wandering through one's home town or city in the times and seasons when visitors aren't flocking to it. There's a sense of normalcy and routine that's comforting. Of course, I remind myself to be generous and hospitable to visitors, since anywhere but here, I myself am one!

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful area.

  27. Stunning photos of your lovely part of the country. Very sad news from Nepal, my thoughts are very much with the Nepalese people as they cope with the devastation the earthquake has caused. xx

  28. Dear Sarah,

    Like you I am saddened by the news of Nepal. So many people lost their lives...I can imagine that it must be difficult for your daughter too. I hope that people your daughter worked with when there are ok.

    Lovely photo's of West Bay. You live in such a beautiful part of the UK!

    Have a good weekend!

    Madelief x

  29. Amazing photos of your it! Yes its terrible about sad...
    Take care!

  30. A wonderful set of photos taken in brilliant light. We are so lucky to have what we do whilst such suffering is taking place. My thoughts are with those affected in Nepal.
    Cathy x

  31. Your photography is fantastic. You sure live in a beautiful and interesting oart if the world. such a trajedy in Nepal. I can't imagine the fear, sadness and the utter chaos the Nepalese are enduring.

  32. Totally agree with you, I love the beginning and end of a day also.
    Wonderful photos.


  33. Love your photos and post here Sarah....

  34. Hello Sarah,
    Thank you again for your beautiful photos. You are right, the best times of the day are at sun rise and sunset. Especially at the ocean. : )
    Have a wonderful time in on your holiday. Take tons of photos. Another beautiful place. I have seen some of the travel shows and that is on my list.
    It is sad to hear of the devistation. Hope more help will arrive to them soon. What a blessing for your Daughter to be a part and helping others. Good to hear that that particular village did receive too much damage. Hope there will not be too many larger aftershocks.
    Have a lovely day.
    Bobbie Lynn

  35. The old buildings in your city are beautiful. Thatched roofs are so neat! We don't have any of those in Canada I just think they add so much character. You seem very busy lately Sarah, I hope you have a good holiday!

    Wishing for the best for those in Nepal.

  36. A lovely post - the place looks much nicer in reality than just the few modern buildings seen in Broadchurch!
    Great groundsel! But I'm still trying to work out what the green flowers (?) are on the tree.
    Thinking of the villagers of Nepal after yet another earthquake this week...
    All the best :)


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