Along the Jurassic coast

Last weekend we were invited to an exhibition of paintings of the Jurassic Coast. They were fantastic and inspired us to do what we have talked about for the past two years and walk the whole length of the Jurassic Coast.

It just happened that this week that we had two empty days in the diary, and the weather forecast was good walking weather - we really had no excuse not to begin! The Jurassic Coast coast is 95 miles long and stretches from Exmouth to Poole and reveals a walk through time of 185 million years!. The route takes us along part of the South West Coast Path, although we have walked most of the Dorset stretch in days out, over many years, we were unfamiliar with most of the Devon section.

We hadn't looked at the tide timetable before setting out, but once we saw that it was low tide we choose to walk along the beach for the first few miles avoiding the inclines and enjoying the walk and views along the sand.

The smells were enticing and Tavi even abandoned his ball to investigate!

Climbing the cliffs couldn't be avoided for ever but the views made up for the extra effort involved.

On the first day we managed to reach Budleigh Salterton, and enjoyed a snack on the pebble beach before retracing our steps, taking a route inland back to the car.

On the second day we did another circular route, which took us through copses, and fields looking back at the route we had previously walked and then carrying onwards and upwards!

The highlight of the second walk apart from the amazing views was this Honesty Cafe we found, it was such a brilliant and simple idea that has been set up in an old wooden shipping container previously belonging to the HMS Devonport. We helped ourselves to coffee and delicious homemade biscuits,  and dog biscuits and paid  a very reasonable price for the privilege. It was so good that we had something at the beginning and the end of the walk!

There was a note in the visitors book thanking the owners for them being so trusting,  kind and homely reminding the writer of his time being evacuated during World War 2.It reminded me of a book I found a few years ago about two young men cycling in the West Country in the 1930's they just knocked on strangers doors when they wanted a bed for the night. It is good to see a warm welcome can still be found for visitors today.

The fields surrounding the farm all had separate signs showing us what crops were growing and also informing us about the wildlife they are encouraging.

We are not sure when we will take the next stage of the walk but we have made a good start!

Sarah x


  1. Oh, I so admire you and I could almost feel the surroundings. So beautiful. Donna@gather

  2. (Not the cliff climbing bit) Would have enjoyed that walk!
    That row of pastel beach huts is gorgeous.

  3. Good morning Sarah!!!! I see I missed a prior post, with Tavi's darling image! I must go see...but what a coastline you have to explore here! I believe this is the area where Broadchurch was filmed? Even the name, "JURASSIC" is as timeless and almost eternal, and how else could anyone feel when looking at this site, that this is an awesome place. Thank you for always taking me to a land of dreams.

    1. Yes Broadchurch was filmed along the Jurassic Coast,mainly where I live in West Bay.

  4. Wonderful! Those lovely photos bring back memories of when we lived down in Weymouth and would have lovely drives out along the coast and walk along the cliff tops. That lovely little Honesty Café is a great idea for refreshing tired walkers :) Jane x

  5. Wow! what an inspiring post! thank you for taking us along with you.

  6. Gorgeous photos of a lovely coastline. Loved those houses. Such pretty colors. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh Sarah, what a wonderful post. I love following your walks; what beautiful countryside you have around you!

  8. Gorgeous photos as always Sarah; the light is wonderful. I have still great stretches of the Dorset and Devon coast I long to walk. We found a similar honesty stop on the Hadrians Wall walk we did recently. Such a brilliant idea and very welcome after miles of walking. B x

  9. Documenting your walk will be lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it. I always say that when I was young the Jurassic Coast didn't know that that's what it was. Now there are ammonites on everything, from buses to the lampposts at Lyme Regis!

  10. What absolutely stunning and unique scenery. Good for you walking such a long way. I love the idea of an honesty café, and hope Tavi got a biscuit! I have always thought that English farmers are very generous allowing people to walk through fields with crops and it is a great idea to have a sign telling people what is growing and also about nesting birds.

  11. What a lovely collection of photos (as always!). I love the honesty cafe and the autumnal light in those scenes.

  12. Love this, Sarah. What a brilliant undertaking and definitely something to look back on when you've achieved all 95 miles of the Jurassic Coast. I was at college in Exmouth and really must make time to go back and explore. It would all be very different now, of course.


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