Rosemoor Gardens


The RHS Royal Horticultural Society runs not only the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show but also run a number of partner gardens.  Despite a good choice of many gardens to visit in North Devon, we chose to revisit the RHS garden at Rosemoor. There is always something new to see and although we didn't buy any plants we came away with lots of inspiration.

Since we last visited a few years ago they have created a cool garden. Using a cool calm palette and designed around an ornamental water feature it was beautiful and peaceful.  The miscanthus silver feather (above) was stunning with the sun shining through its silver plumes.

The new 'Hot' Garden was so different! It was bright and vibrant and full of excitement and Zing!

The winding path in the cottage garden is lined with a wonderful collection of herbs with pots full of pelargoniums.

The cottage is almost completely hidden by the cottage garden flowers. It really shows that you need a number of the same plant planted together to achieve this impact.

 In the potager garden the vegetables looked so decorative, it would have been a shame to pick anything!

The fruit and vegetable garden was so productive even in late September and the plants looked so huge and healthy!

We loved the avenue of pumpkins and the pumpkin garden (below) which reminded us of Mr McGregor's garden from the story of Peter Rabbit created by Beatrice Potter.

Although the leaves were only just beginning to turn, the colours of gold, scarlet and shades of green were spectacular!

Have you visited an RHS Garden recently or been inspired by a recent garden visit? I'll be back in a few days with my usual visit 'Through the Garden Gate', although it won't come anywhere close to the look of RHS Rosemoor!

Take care, stay safe.
Sarah x


  1. I am always delighted to see one of your posts, Sarah and this one was delightful as usual. Love that first image especially. You highlighted the beauty of something simple. Just gorgeous!

  2. Lovely garden, and the use of colour to make a cool garden or a warm garden is a great idea, we have noticed the difference in the garden in summer now that we have some white groundcover plants.
    Autumn looks lovely in Devon, and I like Mr McGregor's garden very much!

  3. I haven't visited any gardens lately, but I would say that one of my favorite gardens in England is the Chelsea Physick Garden.
    Autumn in Devon looks much like autumn in my new home state of Ohio.


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