Through the Garden Gate October 2020

 As I sit and write 'Through the Garden Gate' this month rain and wind are battering the garden. All through the last week I have been dashing outside to retrieve broken flowerheads and enjoy their blooms from inside instead. Some of these images, needless to say, were taken before the storms.

Looking inside out- the verbena bonariensis self-seeds all around the garden, this plant self-seeded directly outside the conservatory window. I left it there and have enjoyed its flowers so close to the house and enticing us out into the garden!

I love the colours of the vine especially when the sun acts as a backdrop enhancing their colours. This year we have left the grapes to the birds. It is mainly blackbirds who have been eating them, the bird feeders are too small for them, so it is nice to see them visiting the garden more frequently.

The view looking towards the field is more autumnal. The red leaves are from the blueberry.

This chrysanthemum is my favourite flower of the month, it is now in its second year. I am already planning to have more in the garden next year. I haven't managed to keep chrysanthemum going more than one season so I am particularly pleased with this one. It does suddenly provide a burst of colour when everything is beginning to go over.

Another flower appearing on the rose is always welcome, the insect seems to be enjoying it too!

 Our step over apple tree has produced all these apples this year. The apples are huge and although they aren't cooking apples we have been eating them baked in the oven filled with brown sugar and sultanas with a knob of butter. Yum!


 I was playing with the camera the other day and by zooming in I noticed our neighbours' plants looked magnificent against the backdrop of the sea! This is the part of the view that we get from the lounge window, the Isle of Portland is in the background with Portland lighthouse to the far-right sticking up like a stick. Since this image was taken a fortnight ago the monkey puzzle tree has been taken down it was 35 foot (10 meters) tall and we now have a wider view of the sea and the famous Broadchurch cliff. We have suddenly spent so much more time looking out to sea, watching the changing light on the water and huge rolling waves crashing ashore.

Not all the household, however, have been looking out to sea, Jack is more interested in watching the flies under the grapevine!

What has happened in your garden this month?

I am having a few problems with blogger again this month with not being able to easily edit the post so apologies if it takes some time to include new links above. Is it me or are others having problems with the new version of blogger? 

Sarah x


  1. What a glorious view. I've been rescuing a few flowers before the storm as well, also a rose and some verbena. That chrysanthemum is beautiful, such a gorgeous colour. The blackbirds love the grapes here as well. It's all very blustery in the garden at the moment. I cut back the pelargonium attar of roses back earlier and it smelt lovely. The last flowers are in the house. And the aeoniums are in the little greenhouse. I am storm-ready! Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

    1. I have been intending to get the pelargonims in all week, definitely a job for the weekend!

  2. We have everything cut back and put to bed in the garden. One more hour is required to tie up plants against the heavy snows.

    We are surprised birds don’t eat the holly berries. Maybe as the autumn progresses they’ll disappear.

  3. So beautiful and still so green in October! The weather is really dull and rainy here...
    Love from Titti

  4. Oh that view. I wouldn't move from the window! I'm loving your chrysanthemum and beautiful vine leaves. lots still to enjoy. Like you I took photos through the month. Just as well with all this wet weather! B x

  5. What a lovely view of the sea you have, Sarah. I have verbena bonariensis seeding everywhere too. I haven't blogged for a while, seem to have been so busy, but at last I've started again. Here's mine for this month:

  6. Lovely you still have some blooms in October, we had a mixed bag of all sorts of weather throughout the month, all in my post to share

  7. Lockdown fatigue? My way forward

  8. It’s almost November and your roses are still blooming. The pink chrysanthemum is lovely despite the bad weather.

  9. You are invited to visit my garden

  10. I want pink Chrysanthemums ! :)

  11. Sarah - your photos are always such a joy. That view out to sea is stunning. I have to say those chrysanthemums, are amazing, I thought they were Dahlia at first glance. I'm sharing a bit from my Virginia Garden today. Cheers! Kim

  12. Hi Sarah, That chrysanthemum is stunning! And to have those wonderful sea views -- I am so envious. Please add me to your list of those contributing to your lovely meme this month. I linked to your post. P. x

  13. Sarah, I am also have a horrible time with blogger. It took all day long for my blog to load up and then all my pictures were blurry. It required me loading up one picture at a time. Waiting. Then loading up another. My technical son checked it and said they keep making changes to the program, but not improving it.
    So, all that to say this, please add my late link to your garden party.

    Seeing your blooms and the view of the sea, calmed my frazzled nerves. I enjoyed the tour.


  14. What wonderful October colors!! Your Jack looks a lot like my Mickey! That's a fabulous shot of him.

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

  15. I'm gazing at some beautiful pictures thanks to Kim of Red Dirt Farm who has given us the link in her latest post and I am envious of your flowers, just like Kim's. Here in Southeast Michigan we had a hard freeze and rather silly weather ... a dab of snow on Sunday and in the 70s this weekend. The weather goes along with the rest of the world I suppose. Your photos are beautiful Sarah. I sure wish I could fast forward to April. (I blog on WordPress and it has its quirks sometimes - makes you want to scream sometimes. A few months ago I wanted to show a fellow blogger an old post - I found the post and missing images ... where did they go is anyone's guess.)

  16. Lovely pictures! Yes, Blogger and I have a very rocky relationship. We must persevere though and hopefully one day soon all will be well again. Am I talking about blogging or life in general? 💖

  17. I have been picking my new roses to defend them from fierce rain. Will let the next round of buds stay on the plants.
    Blogger is mostly cooperating with me, and I ignore what it WON'T for, okay that's good enough. My blog page on Facebook however is driving me mad!


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