Lochs and by the sea in the Highlands and Skye

You all know me well by now, and I had to dedicate a post to our holiday in the Highlands and Skye showing pictures of just the sea and lochs and blue skies. It feels as if we are have had rain here non stop for the last few days!

Picture taken from Skye. In the distance the island of Lewis and Harris.

 We saw movement in the water in the picture above we thought it might have been some sea otters, sadly it turned out to be just birds.


A stunning deserted beach of white sand at Achmelvich and we found a starfish at the edge of the water luckily it went back out to sea with the tide.  I had never seen a starfish on the beach before.

The previous day we had seen the story of the starfish in a great teashop in Dunkeld the story is told by Loren Eiseley (1907-1970) who was an American antroplogist.

"While wandering a deserted beach at dawn, stagnant in my work, I saw a man in the distance bending and throwing as he walked the endless stretch toward me. As he came near, I could see that he was throwing starfish, abandoned on the sand by the tide, back into the sea. When he was close enough I asked him why he was working so hard at this strange task. He said that the sun would dry the starfish and they would die. I said to him that I thought he was foolish. there were thousands of starfish on miles and miles of beach. One man alone could never make a difference. He smiled as he picked up the next starfish. Hurling it far into the sea he said, "It makes a difference for this one." I abandoned my writing and spent the morning throwing starfish.” 

The red sands near Applecross. In the distance are the majestic purple blue peaks of the Cuilin mountain ridge in Skye - an amazing sight!

Around the corner in Applecross itself the beaches were pebbles...

I could have spent the rest of my holiday here sitting on the decking and overlooking the sea and mountains.

The lochs (scottish for lakes) were just as scenic, even when it was raining.

The picture above is Loch Ness. The weather added to the atmosphere!

Loch Lubnaig
The last loch we visited before returning to Edinburgh.

We did meet the notorious midge, our first meeting was at the Falls of  Shin where the sky was full of them and they followed us back into the coach. Luckily this was our worst encounter and it helped once we were told it was better to move around rather than stand still. 

We were also surprised how light it stayed in the evenings we were going to bed at 10.30 in daylight and I never saw the night sky during our break.

I love reading and usually on average read a book a week before I go on holiday I like to read books  that are based around the area I am staying. These are the two books I read for our Scottish holiday. Does anyone else do this too?

The first one I read when we first booked our holiday  Dear Olivia describes the life of an Italian family emigrating to Edinburgh during the Wars and the struggles they had in setting up their business selling good food. It was a great read and would thoroughly recommend it.
The second book Sea Room I picked up in Oxfam and read it while we were travelling. Of course the title and picture captured me initially, but then when I looked at I discovered it was written by Adam Nicholson (husband to Sarah Raven) and describes the love of the Shiant Islands a trio of Hebridean Islands. It made me appreciate how    difficult life can be living on an island.

Hope we all see some sunshine soon , how long can this wet weather carry on?Welcome to my new followers ConnieVilla LottaHelenJulie, and  Foxglove Lane, thank you all for following me.

Sarah x


  1. Wonderful photos of your recent holiday. It looks so peaceful and tranquil near the lochs - a place to unwind and relax.

  2. I love your photographs Sarah. Applecross is one of my favourite areas and I also love Adam Nicolson's book. (Don't love the rain and the midgies!)

  3. Wow, what stunning scenery. I can see why you loved it. Shame about the midges though. xx

  4. What colours! What shapes! What a holiday! Thoroughly appreciate the starfish story.

  5. Your photos and images are spectacular. I love the story of the star fish and how true it is. We can make small differences each day.

    Now I want to go to Scotland.

    Thanks your this beautiful post

    Helen xx

  6. Skye, in fact Scotland in general is the most amazing place and I long to go back soon. Lovely pictures. x

  7. Gorgeous photos! And I loved the story about the starfish - what a metaphor for how we should live our lives!

  8. Hello Sarah,
    You made my morning with this post...
    As I had forgotten the story about the Starfish and you brought it back to me.
    That is what I love about being on here....
    Again your pictures capture all the wonder and the Star fish Fable is awww so true!
    Have a week of the kindest!

  9. The photos are beyond amazing....i really need to take a look at it twice....amazing stories as well....:) a new follower..i hope you'll visit my blog as well...:)


  10. Hallo dear Sarah,
    very glad I found your blog so that I see the pictures from scottland, just wonderful!
    I one of our next holidays we like to visit scottland, so everything about it is very interesting for me. Many years ago we visit Lyme Regis and Dorset, really beautiful, you can be so lucky to live there.
    Many warm greetings from Germany, Bine

    P.S. I put you to my bloggroll, hope it's ok.

  11. What a lovely post which transports me up to beautiful Scotland. I love photo No. 4 it is stunning. I came to your via Madelief.

  12. Oh Sarah, those are beautiful photos. Also thanks for the recommended books too. I was just in the bookstore and looking for a nice summer read. Have a wonderful day.

  13. This sounds like the perfect holiday to me, the views are so beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at your wonderful photos.

    I'm curious about one of the books you mention "Dear Olivia" and have just reserved it through my library.

  14. I love your pictures of Scotland – the scenery is stunning – it reminds me of Newfoundland in Canada – I think you would like it and there and not too many people are there either. I always wished to go to Scotland but never did. When I went to Paris to see my parents I tried to stop in London many times but it was usually in winter or spring so I thought Scotland would be too cold and rainy, but maybe it is not so bad in March or April? The landscape in Scotland is really outstanding.

    1. I'm not sure about Scotland in March or April. I assume it would be a bit colder than here. We saw so much heather on the hillsides it must look amazing in August and September when it is all out.

  15. Hello Sarah
    Your photos are beautiful, yes this part of Scotland is truly breathtaking we were there this time last year, glad you had a wonderful holiday, and thank you for your lovely comments
    Thea x

  16. Lovely post! I was just discussing about Scotland with my son this afternoon inkl. Loch Ness. He said that he would love to go to Scotland - I said that I would like to join. These pics make me hungry to put a foot on this incredible piece of earth as well. I like how you prepare yourself for the holidays. Most of the time I start reading when I am there as it's the atmosphere that make me want to see more. I hope the sun will come out soon, however I think you've got it in your heart anyway... Christa

  17. Stunning photos Sarah! - I'm already "saving" books for my holiday in October!

  18. gorgeous photos Sarah, what a wonderful holiday you had. S:)

  19. sarah,
    what beautiful photos of a beautiful area! thank you so much for sharing them. so much history there, too. it looks totally charming.

  20. Your photographs are stunning. I have never been to Scotland, but it is high on my list. Neighbors just returned and another neighbor is leaving soon. At our 4th of July party, I listened eagerly as one described everything that must be seen and done. Thanks for the vicarious visit.

  21. Sarah... I know I've already said it but I will repeat myself because this pics make mt to... I need to visit Scotland... I'm begining to be really really curious...

  22. I love your post - it brought back happy memories of our trip to Skye when you still went across by Ferry! I fell in love with the wildness and stunning countryside which you can see in your beautiful photographs - – we stayed first at the Braes near Portree and then out at Dunvegan in a cute little cottage with painted boarding in the dining room. I loved the boarding so much that we have now done something similar in the cottage that we are renovating lower down in the South of Scotland on the Mull of Galloway. Now I have discovered your blog I will keep popping back to read more.

  23. Sarah just browsing your blog and came across this I go to Skye for my job, still pinch myself I get paid to hop on the ferry and go on a very regular basis I go to Inverness for meetings so drive up the side of Loch Ness too, one of the first things we noticed when we moved this far north was how light it stays in the evenings, love your summary of all my local haunts. Annie x


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