Cookery challenge for July

This month's challenge :
A dish from your current favourite recipe book.

This in itself was a challenge for me on two counts, as I love looking at and buying cookery books. My dilemma was which book and recipe do I choose! As I am trying to de-clutter and reduce the items in the house I now borrow a cookery book each month from the local library.

This month I borrowed the Great British Bake Off - How to Bake. It is based on the BBC TV series where 12 homebakers compete against each other to win the title of "Great British Bake off, Best Amateur Baker". The book contains lots of fail safe recipes and many hints on how to improve your baking. On Fridays, ever since the children were small I generally bake a teatime treat for the weekend. This time I chose Easy chocolate fudge cake and have used it for this months cookery challenge!

I always prefer simple and easy recipes because although I enjoy cooking I am quite busy, and have many things to do. The recipe is easy and quick to make as most of the ingredients for the sponge go into the food processor and are quickly mixed together.


Even at this stage it looks good, if you like chocolate as I do. As I was making it I suddenly noticed that someone else was interested in what I was baking. I just had to take this photo and share it with you! Daisy is not allowed any chocolate, but I suppose she can always  hope and dream....

The icing is very easy to make too as everything is put in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water to melt and with all the ingredients melted together I didn't have the problem of overcooking the chocolate.
The final result didn't look quite as good as the illustration in the book but it was tasty and the glass stand and the tin were soon empty! The recipe can be found here.

The aim of the cookery club is all about fun, nurturing ourselves and loved ones and trying new things in our kitchens. It's not about being expert chefs, perfect or competitive. Just supporting and inspiring each other. Thank you to Lucent Imaginery for organising the cookery club challenges. I do enjoy trying new recipes and this one I will be making again as it was so popular.

This months participants are :-

Lucent Imagery (cooking club host)
Bakery Bookery
Down by the Sea
Anything Squirrel Squirrel
Chi Garden
Under Lock & Key

Sarah x


  1. The OH would love those! I'm not really a fan of chocolate but the OH and KP love it! That photo of Daisy is fab!

  2. That cake looks delicious and it`s not just pretty Daisy whose mouth is watering. I`m off to look at the recipe now.......

  3. Yuummmm! You are making me crave chocolate, and it's not even 9am here yet!! :D

  4. I love your story behind the cookery book, and that you're borrowing from the library. I must check our library for recipe books. As much as I love cooking I want to keep the books to a small number! This looks so delicious, I'm so happy you and Daisy participated again! :)

  5. Your dog is too cute and the chocolate fudge cake looks incredible! I really like the idea of borrowing cook books from the library - it's something I used to do and I should get back into the habit.

  6. Oh yum! That looks absolutely delicious.

  7. I love the first picture of everythinng piled on the chopping board - it makes me want to go bake!

  8. This just looks a must Sarah. Simple and quick. I will be surely making this recipe, my grandchildren and me of course! will love it.
    I only bake now and again, as if i do, living alone I tend to eat it all myself.. thus too many lbs on!
    I have some cook books
    but always use my own recipies.. i learnt to bake and cook with my mum.
    Have a happy wednesday Sarah.

  9. I am the world's worst cook, but I make a mean brownie. Yours look so yummy!

  10. Poor Daisy not allowed looks delicious!
    There is a new series of the Great British Bake off on TV soon.

  11. Not surprised it was popular, it looks delicious! Juliex

  12. Hi Sarah,

    Oh yum! your chocolate fudge looks so good - I remember making fudge and was so good and you could not stop after one piece. Such a great idea too, taking out cook books from the library.
    Love the sweet photo of Daisy, how adorable.

    Hope that you are having a lovely week

  13. oh' mouth is dribbling hehe- they look delicious x

  14. Yum. Actually, YUM! (Rushes to cupboard to discover all ingredients are available ... will emerge from kitchen later, licking lips ;) )

  15. Wow, they look amazing! I want some!

  16. Ohh yum! It looks so dark and chocolatey. I'm scared to make it because I know it wouldn't last long at my place, haha.


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