The Olympic torch procession reaches Dorset!

The Olympic flame arrived  from Greece almost 60 days ago and the torch procession has travelled the length and breath of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will arrive in London on the eve of the Olympic Games in 2 weeks time. The route was planned so that 95% of the population would be within an 10 miles (16km) of the procession.

I know I have many followers from other countries so I apologise to those in the UK who have already have seen the procession in their area and know all about it!.

Image from the Sun newspaper

I was fortunate to see the procession twice. It passed my office In Dorchester on Thursday afternoon (see first photo.)

After travelling through the west of the county of Dorset it arrived in Weymouth by boat in the mist and the rain on Thursday evening. My son was on the beach to see its arrival and take the photo above for us.

Picture taken from BBC Local South West News

 The torch contains 8,000 laser cut holes, which represents the 8,000 miles it is being carried by 8,000 people, who were selected because of the things that they have done - many of their stories are inspiring.

Image: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images 
On Friday, the torch procession route passed the bottom of our road, so we went down to join in the fun,

The Olympic mascot getting a lift

There was quite a carnival atmosphere and a busy road on the outskirts of Weymouth was transformed for a short period. 

 Children from local schools and pre schools joined the crowds. My daughter was helping with the pre- school children and it was lovely to see the expressions on the children's faces as the procession went by.

The police escorting the torch were also joining in with the fun much to the delight of the crowds!

The picture I took was not good enough to show here! Luckly my son was using our other camera and got a better shot, despite capturing me in the corner! We all enjoyed the event, it was lovely to see the local neighbourhood come together, both young and old to see this unique spectacle.

As I have mentioned before Weymouth and Portland is hosting all the Olympic sailing events. The town has been smartened up and palm trees and Olympic flags have suddenly made an appearance. So it is likely that there will be more mention of the Olympics in the next few weeks!

Maria from one of my favourite blogs has just found out her son has been nominated a place in the Paralympion team, congratulations to him for this great achievement.

Thank you to all my followers for your continuous support and comments and a big welcome to Melmory, Encourage one another Riet, and Beach comber. I am a bit behind with reading everyones blogs so hopefully I will catch up over the weekend. Hope you have a good one!

Sarah x


  1. What fun and how special to see the torch being carried. It must be quite moving and emotional.
    When one thinks of the journey it has travelled and all the souls who touched it.


  2. Yes we did see the flame a few weeks ago, its all quite exciting makes it all seem real, love the photo of the speed cop doing his Usain Bolt!!
    Thea x

  3. Love the photos. It seems incredible that the torch is still burning daily despite all this rain! I hope that the weather improves for the Olympics itself!

  4. How exciting. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great weekend too.

  5. Dear Sarah - the torch came through the Cotswolds during the first week of the journey, and there was huge amount of goodwill generated in our little town. It was in those far off distant days when we had the sun and hot weather - unbelievably I remember I had to find a shady spot to stand rather than get roasted. The policeman doing his Usain Bolt stance is good fun.

  6. I do hope the weather improves and you're able to enjoy the events taking place on your doorstep. The town is looking very smart indeed but it seems strange to see palm trees in England!

  7. What a great sight and event it all is. Amazing to see the torch arrive so close to your house.
    Thank you for remembering your friends overseas. I watch some of it on tv.. but we dont get the coverage that you do.
    It seems that these Olympics is a true grand affair. I am looking forward to watching the opening night and some of the events on tv.
    Super post Sarah. Thank you
    Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog.
    happy saturday

  8. Lovely to see the torch, so pleased you all got the chance. We missed it sadly as John had an evening meeting and I couldn't work out how to see it with all the kids among the crowds in Edinburgh without him to help!

    I think things should be so much fun down your way with the sailing events. Juliex

  9. It all looks so exciting Sarah. We will be in England when the Olympics start. It gives extra cachet to our vacation!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Madelief x

  10. Hi Sarah, my kids enjoyed this post! They will be studying the Olympics at school next term (which starts tomorrow, yeah!!), although I'm still struggling with the choice of mascot, as my daughter said "what is it!!" And hoping that the weather improves, we will be glued to our TVs soon. NZ is sending 185 athletes of which 15 are competing in sailing. S:)

    1. I agree the mascot is very strange! Our schools break up this week. I don't know how many athletes we have, I will have to do some research.
      Sarah x

  11. Gorgeous photos! Hope you are having a lovely weekend:)

  12. Hello Sarah,
    I loved this post because of two things really.
    The first is that I felt I really got to see and feel all the magic involved in the torch procession on your wonderful piccies...(It came to the lake district)But unfortunately I was working and didn't get to see!!
    And the second was the ever so kind mention of me and Dean!!
    Thank you, you are so very Lovely!!
    Quick up date, Deano is in London this weekend

    being kitted and fitted (that's a ring) for the ceremonial suit!!
    Have a Sunday of Loveliness..
    love Maria x

  13. Hi Sarah, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm happy that you enjoyed the tour of Pendleton, Oregon and the sweet little lady and her junk shop. That is one of the things that I enjoy most about blogging, is seeing the world through the eyes of other women like myself. You get a much better picture than you do from tourist guides.
    I love the photos on your site. How exciting to see the torch go past, and what a delightful parade. Thank you for sharing . . . I could feel the excitement especially the photo of the torch coming in by boat. Have a wonderful week. Connie :)

  14. Thank you so much for sharing these Sarah! I'm getting very excited for the Olympic games and have the couch and pay tv's 8 channels ready to go! Will love seeing any snippets you get to enjoy of these games.

  15. I saw it on Sunday, it was pretty horrid weather but it was an amazing experience I just could not miss! Thanks for sharing your pics!


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