Music created by the wind

 In Dorset every two years we have a festival called "Inside Out" that promises extraordinary events in extraordinary places - and it always manages to match this billing! One of the events this time was  "Harmonic fields", a sensory journey exploring the music created by the wind using 500 musical instruments!

The site for Harmonic Fields was in a disused quarry on Portland with views overlooking the sea.

The music created was simple and pure, The sound and tempo being dependent on the strength and direction of the winds.

 Some of the music reminded me of the sound of the cow bells in Switzerland and Austria.

Other sounds were very loud. There was a string over the top of this drum and with your head inside the drum (as illustrated by my daughter) the sound was similar to thunder.

The final finale was an amazing symphony of sound with so many instruments gathered together. 

I discovered this video (not taken in Portland) so if you are interested you can experience what we heard here. It was an unique and unforgettable experience. Have you listened to music in any unusual places?

Wishing everyone a good weekend, and thank you as always for your lovely comments and stopping by.
Sarah x


  1. What a wonderful idea and a great think to see/hear!

  2. Hello Sarah:
    What an incredibly imaginative event this looks to have been. We like the way in which the audience has to interact with both Nature and the musical instruments. It must have been an experience for all the senses.

    In Budapest there are many outdoor concerts during the summer months, some of which are held in the Budapest Zoo!!!!

  3. Concerts in a zoo must been quite an experience too! I wonder what the animals think of the music!
    Sarah x

  4. Hoi Sarah, it looks very nice overhere there was a wind chime close to the sea and that always sounded very nice. Your picture with the deckchairs is a lovely wan. Have a nice weekend Sarah, take care.

    Greetings Petra

  5. My musical family would LOVE this! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  6. Oooo wow! I wish I could have been there! Must have been terrific!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Eccentric but so beautiful at the same time, the sounds must be amazing
    Thea x

  8. I would imagine this to be a great experience - music created by the wind. Fabulous!
    Have a great weekend.

  9. You really have some interesting things going on in your corner of the world Sarah - the sound from the instruments has a mystical sensation to it.

  10. what a great experience that must be!

  11. Hi Sarah,

    This looks like such a fun festival to go to and I enjoyed seeing your photos.
    There must have been some interesting sounds coming forth.
    We have 'Sculpture on the Gulf Exhibition' every couple of years and they also have some installments with music.

    Happy weekend

  12. What a creative idea! It reminds me I saw somewhere a man looked at 5 telephone wires on poles and saw that as a musical staff. Then the 'notes' were the birds on the wires, which he played on a keyboard.

  13. What an amazing idea! Wish I could have heard it myself!

  14. What a brilliant idea. With all the wind we get in Cornwall it would work well down here too!

  15. Wow! How I wish I could experience this in person. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah :D

  16. That must have been a very special music event!
    Can see your girl enjoyed it too!
    greetings Fleur

  17. The title of your post brought to my mind the sound created by wind chimes which I love. This sounds interesting and it must be amazing to experience it in person.

  18. How very special for you to experience music in this very special way Sarah.
    The sounds must have been haunting.
    we should think of concerts like this here in Cumbria, as we are soo very coastal and 'boy' do we get strong winds!! hehe..
    Have a lovely week Sarah!
    Love Maria x

  19. What a wonderful idea, I bet it sounded amazing - lovely pictures Sarah x

  20. That is so fascinating and I can only imagine a wondrous thing to see.

    Nina x

  21. I just love things like this - so creative and unusual - must have been great to experience it. Maybe it will be reproduced in our part of the country sometime in the future. Many things catch on after a while like the Open Studios for artists and the 'Heritage Open Doors' scheme. Have a good week. Viv x

  22. what a wonderful experience - I have not heard of anything like this around our area - a pity I live so far away I would have loved to have been there. x


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