A few weeks ago I did a post about sunsets, so here is one this time showing the sunrise.

These pictures were taken at the weekend, when as usually happens, instead of sleeping late, I wake up early ! This particular morning instead of lying in bed trying to get back to sleep,I decided to get  up and see the sunrise. I am so glad that I did.

The water was so still and calm, however the roads by the harbour were full of seagulls scavenging and fighting for the leftovers from late night take-aways!

This is the lookout at the end of the stone pier. If you go up the steps and look out over the sea you feel as if you are completely surrounded by water - you could easily imagine you were in the famous scene from the film Titantic!

This time of the morning is always busy with fishing boats heading out to sea.

The stone pier walls were built in 1879. The photo shows the first rays of the sun shining on them and also on  the rocks close-by.

Is it just me or do you enjoy reading the names on boats and wondering how they got their names ... any guesses for how this one was named - it is one of the training boats for the sea cadets!

Back down the harbour to a different view from earlier.

There are advantages and disadvantages with every season and one benefit at this time of year is being able to witness this wonderful sight at more of a reasonable hour without it being freezing cold outside!

Hope you have all had a good weekend too and  hello and a big welcome to my new followers Jan and Jenny .

Sarah x


  1. What beautiful photos, so calm and peaceful! Thanks for sharing! Ada :)

  2. Hello Sarah:
    Such a beautiful morning and everywhere so very calm and peaceful. The kind of moment when you must feel so fortunate to live by the sea.

  3. Good morning Sarah,
    What a great blog. Your photos are incredibly beautiful.
    As a retired sailor.. I love the sea, and yes, how amazing .. I have always looked at the names on the yachts or boats and fishing boats and wondered how they got their name.
    I would think that "Blunt nose" has encountered some whale or large fish and hit it or something. One could go on and on. Such fun.
    You must live near to the harbour. It looks a stunning place, I think i have said this before. would love to know exactly where you are.
    Its a peaceful feeling to wake and see the dawn. At sea, even better.
    our yachts. "Scally-wag"- you can work that one out
    "Illustrious6" you might be able to work that one out
    "Pheonix"- that one is easy with a twist.
    wishing you a wonderful day. Looks a great place for a fish lunch
    happy sunday Sarah.
    val x x

  4. WHAUW, Sarah what a nice picture's the sunrise I love it beautyful. Have a nice sunny sunday.

    Greetings Petra.

  5. gorgeous shots! the calm water in the 2nd shot is beautiful. i very rarely see the sunrise, but always love it when i do especially over the sea.

  6. Stunning photos. My favourite is the one with the fishing boat and the pink sky. I like you wonder how fishing boats got their names.

  7. Gorgeous photos! I can literally feel the atmosphere by merely looking at them! Love this post a lot! CHrista

  8. I love all of the images but the second one especially, it is worthy of hanging on the wall. I like the way the lights are reflected in the water so still and so calm. Beautiful post Sarah.

  9. You must have been out of bed very early Sarah. Your photo's are worth it though! I can imagine it must have been lovely standing at the seaside, see the sun rise and have it all for yourself.

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  10. Beautiful photographs Sarah taken while I was still fast asleep in bed! I should make the effort to see the dawn occasionally! Thanks for showing us this one..

  11. Stunning photo's, beautiful. Such a calm sea, peaceful. It can be nice to be awake when others sleep! Have a nice week, groetjes, Gerda

  12. I love the shot of the stones on the pier. Juliex

  13. Beautiful photos Sarah, they are so atmospheric, I can smell the sea
    Thea x

  14. There's nothing quite like the calm of dawn, is there? x

  15. Your photos are beautiful Sarah and as other people above said such a feeling of piece and quiet, just wonderful.

  16. Hi Sarah love your photos again great shots of Weymouth, isnt so lovely when it is like this. Julie xxx

  17. I'm glad you decided to take a walk and see the sun rise. There is such a calming of the world, in the early morning. Your photography is beautiful and thank you again for taking us along. I enjoyed every moment of this visit. Connie :)

  18. Beautiful pictures Sarah - you should enter some competitions with them. I had to smile when you mentioned names on boats - I always look at them to. At our cottage in Scotland we are next to a small static caravan site and some of the owners have their own boats. One year we had a new owner of the caravan nearest to us with his boat called Steady Eddie so of course I always referred to him as Eddie until a friend put me straight and told me he is actually called Sean the boat was already named when he bought it!)

  19. It is nice to see the progression of the photos you've taken from the time when the sun was beginning to rise until the sun has gone so high and the sky was so bright. Those are beautiful photos!

    By the way, I would like to get to know you more by reading your future posts. Would you be interested to following each other?

    Take care!

  20. Hello Sarah,
    I fell in love with your beautiful photographs....
    I too could smell the sea!
    I love times like these, before the madness of the world wakes up.
    Just wanted to say also Sarah, that your comments meant the world to me over on mine.
    I could just do with a trip to your part of England and would savoir the peacefulness there.
    wishing you a week full of kindness Sarah.
    love Maria x

  21. So much calm and that early morning sunlight that hits the stones - just fabulous. I love this time of day and fortunately for me I don't have to get up so early to witness it now...what with the sun rising later - I do of course still have to get up! Boo.

    Nina x

  22. These are so beautiful! I love the anticipation that I feel when I'm up early with the sun - the feeling that the day holds so much potential. (How lovely it must have been to keep those letters from your mum in boarding school.)


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