Final view of the Olympic sailing

The two weeks of the Olympics is over, what an incredible two weeks it has been. It is refreshing to see the newspapers and television reflecting good news for a change. The stories of the athletes and their personal journey to reach the games, have been so heartening to hear and marvel at, and to share their joy and heartache.

 I hope you aren't too fed up with seeing another post of the Olympics from Weymouth. Last Sunday was    what was termed the "Battle of the Bay", between Team GB's Ben Anslie and the Dane Jonas Hogh-Christensen. Over 100,000 people visited Weymouth and Portland to watch this particular race. Ben Anslie won the Gold despite Jonas having a two point lead. It was the 4th Gold Medal he has won at consecutive games, making him the most successful Olympic sailor ever.

 The atmosphere was amazing with so many gathering close to the shore to cheer on the sailors. This included my family and myself, but unfortunately a mishap occurred to me! I was excitingly waving at the Norwegian sailors (the saying every girl loves a sailor comes to mind), and in doing so dropped our camera on to some boulders and it disappeared out of sight! Although we were able to see it we couldn't reach it until one of my sons' friends came to the rescue. Unfortunately it is broken beyond repair, so some of these photos have been taken with a phone instead.

Weymouth beach after all the competitions had taken place.

 The Australians came at the top of the sailing medal table with Spain 2nd , Team GB 3rd, Netherlands 4th and New Zealand 5th. congratulations to them all .  The success of the games has also been thanks to the work of the 600 Volunteer ambassadors who have given up to 2 weeks of their time to to look after the visitors around the streets and ticketed area in Weymouth and Portland.

Picture taken from Sailing Blog 2012

It was so hot on Thursday and after a successful day house hunting for my son in Exeter we decided to go down to the beach with my daughters boyfriend and have a bbq to round off the day and cool down. As we were finishing our food a Chinese reporter and camera man came down on the beach to do some filming.

They saw me taking a photo of them and asked whether they could interview us. It was the first time they had been to England and they had come down that day to see the Olympics in Weymouth. Daisy was memorised by the microphone I think she thought it was something to eat! It felt very surreal especially when we found the interview on the internet later!

 Hope you have enjoyed the Olympics too it is so unique how it brings everyone in the world together.
     Welcome to my new follower Fiona (I couldn't find a link so please let me know of you have a blog.)
  Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah

    This is all so exciting to have been there. It looks like a wonderful day. Sorry about your camera.
    How exciting that you are a star in China!

    I loved the Olympics and shall miss them. The best ever. England deserves applause

    Helen xx

  2. Dear Sarah or should I say TV celebrity!
    A great post although I'm sorry to hear about your camera. I did the same, funnily enough, in Weymouth many years ago - drop my camera and damaged it beyond repair on the first day of our holiday. I treated myself to a new one and discovered a brilliant camera that I wouldn't have thought of buying had it not had the accident.

    1. We have bought another make of the internet that hasn't arrived yet so hope it will be as good if not better!
      Sarah x

  3. Dear Sarah, First let me say, i am sorry about your camera.. thats awful. At least you had your mobile.. Great photos of the sailing.. being a retired sailor myself.. i love the sailing. unfortunately i missed it on tv.. there were so many events. Ainsle is a great sailor.
    Team GB did very very well.
    I really enjoyed watching the events that i could.
    Weymouth looks a beautiful place.
    I think you will all be on a high for a long time in the UK.. it was all brilliant.
    thanks for sharing these photos.. great to be on chinese tv..
    happy sunday
    val xx

  4. Congratulations on your 15 minutes of fame! Weymouth has looked fantastic hasn't it? xx

  5. Hello Sarah:
    You have shown some wonderful views from Weymouth. Such a pity that your camera is no more, but so much excitement down by the sea!!

  6. Wonderful post Sarah, yes we were watching Ben on tv while you were there,
    The olympics have truly been amazing, we have felt so proud that little old blighty has shown the world what we can do.
    So sorry to hear about your camera, but I love the fact you found fame on the beach!!
    Thea x

  7. I shall watch your 5 mins of fame! Great photos - it has been brilliant. x

  8. The whole Olympic experience has been brilliant hasn't it? And how exciting to be interviewed, so now you're famous in China!

  9. Hello Sarah,
    I have enjoyed your sailing posts very much, sorry about that camera, of yours!
    I must admit that I have found the Olympics amazingly inspiring and have found my self very emotional at times...
    Well done you on finding your selfs 'In the lime light' here on the internet!! How cool is that....
    Have a lovely week Sarah..
    Love Maria x

  10. Imagine that, you're now a celebrity in China :-) I'm so sorry you lost your camera though, I'd be lost without mine.

    I followed the Olympics while on holiday and everyone seemed to be having a great time, I hope this uplifting feeling stays for quite a while after it finishes. I'm waiting for the closing ceremony now.

  11. What a shame about the camera but you have some great photos of the day anyway. Sounds like you had a really good day!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes... I did the candles in one (long!) blow but I guess the more candles I get, the more blows they'll take!

  12. Just brilliant, I can almost smell the sea air and hear the crowds! Ada :)

  13. Like always, they go by so fast. Thank you for sharing your photos of the Olympics with us. Have a wonderful week.

  14. Hi Sarah, love that top photo!! Though can't tell if it's the womens 470 race (the one where we got the gold over you !!) Have been busy watching the Olympics at our house, it all looked wonderful and showed GB off beautifully to the rest of the world. Unfortunately we didn't get to see all that much of Weymouth & I have to say Eton Dorney is our fav venue (where we won 4 golds in rowing and canoeing). Sorry about your camera, it certainly will be a day you'll remember forever! S:)

    1. The photos was from the Mens Star race. The New Zealand Women did so well , unfortunately I was working on that day and heard the results as I was driving home. I would have liked to have seen it!
      Sarah x

  15. I am mourning the end of the Olympics! But not long til the Paralympics start, but there's never enough hours of coverage of them unfortunately. I've loved seeing your perspective, I think I saw those cliffs in a video on the Olympic coverage - so beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera - they do become a bit precious to us don't they? I hope you are able to replace it soon. Hope you have a wonderful start to the week!

  16. It's all been so exciting hasn't it - I didn't think I would like it, but we've been practically glued.

    Nina x

    ps. I missed out posting the butterfly by about twenty four hours on SR's competition, but I do have the one in so fingers crossed. xxx

  17. Hi Sarah,

    Sounds like a fun time you have had, watching with the best view in the house, being right there where all the action was. So sorry about your camera.
    Hope you are enjoying the week


  18. Dear Sarah,

    It must have been so much fun being part of the cheering crowd and enjoy the sailing. It looks like you had perfect weather in Weymouth too. I watched it all on tv. What a great event!

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  19. Oh how exciting!! I really enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV but I can't imagine what it would have been like actually being there! Such a great once in a lifetime event, quite proud of how well the Kiwi's did for medals at these games too! :) xo K

  20. It looks like it was a brilliant day with a great atmosphere, but what a shame about your camera. Fancy getting on Chinese television too - what a hoot! Do you have a link to the website it appeared on?

    1. I haven't shown it as I am doing the typical thing of speaking so slowly , it was quite embarrassing!
      Sarah x


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