Wildflowers of Dorset and Devon

I love looking at the wild flowers at this time of year, here are just a few that I have captured over the last few weeks.
A patch of daises on the edge of a field

Giant Hogweed



Photo from This is Plymouth

Last winter this area on the edge of Plymouth shopping centre and a major road was the site of a protest camp demonstrating over corporate greed and injustice. Now look at the area, isn't it wonderful growing wildflowers in the city centre for all to enjoy?

What a transformation!

Daisies and corn flowers

I took those photos and as we walked away I turned back and saw a little girl standing by the flowers. Later that day Kazzy from Country Rabbit put this post on her blog and I realised that the little girl was her daughter Sweetpea! How I wish I had known who they were and met them. The flowers were so beautiful and uplifting that one just had to photograph them and share them with you all!

Welcome to my new follower Ade,  thank you for following me.

Sarah x


  1. Beautiful images and what a transformation in the city centre! What a shame you missed Kazzy, but sn't it a small world? xxx

  2. You are a lucky Girl to be surrounded by beauty. Thank you for your sweet comment.
    Blessings and have a wonderful day.

  3. Stunning photos, my youngest son attended Plymouth Uni so I know exactly where you are, what a tranformation, and all this from sown seeds, it looks very similar to the flowers in the Olympic park , bliss!! (shame you missed Kazzy)
    Thea x
    Thank you Sarah for your lovely words

  4. Stunning transformation! Stunning photos too!

  5. Aww, isn't this post lovely Sarah, and seeing Miss Sweet Pea too!
    I love wild flowers.....Especially Corn flowers!I could smell the Honey suckle also.
    Have a lovely week Sarah and thank you for sweet words over on mine!
    Love Maria x

  6. It's great to see wild flowers anywhere and even better that they seem to be being planted more these days to replace what has been lost in our meadows and fields. Great photos!

  7. what lovely photos! Makes me long for summer!! Although I have to say English wildflowers don't seem to grow as well here (not enough rain maybe?!) The transformation of the occupation site is wonderful. S:)

  8. Oh those yellows and blues, just glorious! x

  9. What wonderful photographs - I love the wild flowers in the city - what a joy (and what a coincidence about Sweetpea)

  10. Dear Sarah,
    What an absolutely beautiful summer post of these lovely wild flowers.
    Its amazing to see such beauty growing on their own.
    Its far too hot here now to see any wild flowers.. only in the springtime.
    My poor flowers have to be watered every other day.. my roses seem to be doing ok.
    Nice to see Plymouth with the flowers growing. I have never been to Plymouth.
    wishing you a good week
    val x x

  11. How amazing that you saw the other blogger and her daughter! I've wondered whether that would ever happen. Especially in a cafe when someone photographs their meal before eating, I wonder if ever people will realise who the other person is from blog world! I think I like the white hogweed the best. I have had a thing for grasses lately.

  12. Your flower images are absolutely beautiful!

    ♥ Franka

  13. Wow, such beautiful flowers, you've captured them so well! Ada :)

  14. what an amazing coincidence! It's great that some councils are doing their bit for wildlife now and moving away from formal bedding.

  15. What a transformation, so much nicer for it's neighbours to look out on!

  16. Lovely photos Sarah - the giant hogweed seems to be covered in insects.
    Our town has made a wild flower meadow too, they seem to be all of the rage at the moment, and look absolutely beautiful.

  17. Amazing transformation and lovely photos - wild flowers are so much nicer than those rows of bedding plants. I remember Plymouth when we stayed there overnight before catching one of the Brittany Ferries over to Roscoff in France. I think we had a walk around a place called The Hoe?

  18. Lovely post looking forward to coming down to weymouth to see family soon.x

  19. It is so sad about the village which had to be abandoned but then it is good too that people are trying to restore it. I like all the colorful deck chairs – there were quite a few. It must have been fun to watch all the boats competing.
    The wildflowers are lovely – it is nice to see them in a town setting. Here in Georgia, on some of the freeways, wildflower seeds have been sown in the dividing green areas – it is quite nice to drive along these fields of flowers – but we can’t stop to take pictures though.

  20. Wow! Quite a transformation :) What a wonderful story.

  21. How beautiful and I agree with the others, that little city centre wildflower "meadow" is so pretty.

  22. Simply stunning, i am so glad to find your blog through Tabiboo blog. I adore wildflowers and Dorset. Catherine x

  23. Dearest Sarah, next homeexchange must be in your area! Wonderful wildflowers. They sprout without any human's help. Doesn't that show once again how small we are? Your today's comment was especially appreciated as I thought everyone had forgotten about me and I am so pleased that this isn't the case. Ireland was fantastic - I'll post about it the next few days. Wishing you a warm weekend with lots of sunny moments! Christa

  24. Aren't we lucky to live in a land with such an abundance of gorgeous wild flowers. Great post :D

  25. Those wild flowers are amazing. I really love the Before and After pic! How wonderful.
    We moved to the sea at the end of January and I love it. I am missing friends and am a little further from my family but I do love the waves and the beach life.
    I am a Somerset lass so often went to Dorset (Swanage and Studland are wonderful).
    Just found your blog through My Family and Other Cricketers. It's gorgeous.
    x x


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