The walled garden in the summer sunshine

Many of you will recall my story of living in the Head Gardeners Cottage in Littlebredy with my parents and how my Dad took on the walled garden see here.  When we left it nature took over again for a few years before another garden called the Scented Garden was created with the walled garden filled with an amazing collection of  flowers. Two years ago the garden was taken over by dedicated volunteers who have fallen in love with the garden and want it to survive. It is now open to the public on Wednesdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from Easter to the end of September and I wanted to share it with you as it still a very special place.

 The vine house is on the right of the picture and stretches down to that purple bush at the end, unfortunately it is very overgrown now.

 The greenhouse half the way down is the hill is in the process of being restored.
View from the bottom of the walled garden the River Bride flows through here on the left of the picture where the irises are growing.

Isn't the planting combination of colours magnificent?

Looking down across the valley

To celebrate the Jubilee a display of garden tools used in the 1950's. I remember my parents using a mower like this!
Then a walk around the village. This is the church where we got married many years ago!

The lake below the church the setting is so beautiful and you can have a picnic or wander here .
There is also a beautiful waterfall which is nice and refreshing to stand close to on a hot day
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Welcome to my new follower Emmie and Emma , thanks as always for all your lovely comments.
Sarah x


  1. Dear Sarah,
    I can just imagine , that it must have been heaven growing up in such a wonderful garden at Littlebedy.
    Your father is a fantastic gardener. You must have learnt much from him.
    How great to hear that the gardens are now open to the public , I am sure that some of the trees and shrubs perhaps still remain.
    a lovely post Sarah, thank you
    happy Sunday

  2. Such a gorgeous landscape...lush thick rich greens!

  3. Oh Sarah! You are making my heart jump! This is so fabulous and wonderful and lovely and blissful! I just love it and your photos display the atmosphere very well! You make my dream bigger and bigger to visit southern England and see all the gardens - sigh - have a nice evening, Christa

  4. It does look magical Sarah and it looks as though the volunteers are doing a very nice job of it.

  5. Hi Sarah, What a beautiful garden it is. There must still be lots of beautiful memories for you. It must have been a joy to have such a huge garden to play in as a child.

    Wish you a lovely new week.

    Madelief x

  6. Hello Sarah:
    How wonderful that this garden is now open to visitors and that its restoration is, very obviously, well under way. And what a glorious setting, and all so very English with the church and lake.

  7. What a fab garden, lucky you! So glad someone loves it again! Ada :(

  8. Hello Sarah
    What a beautiful garden and wonderful stories of you and your family
    Thea x

  9. how gorgeous! thanks for taking us there.

  10. What a lovely setting - the garden, the church, pond and waterfall. It all looks idyllically English - a green and pleasant oasis.

  11. Wow it must be so amazing to watch these spaces given your deep history with them. I love that volunteers are restoring it, what a wonderful thing to do. It all looks so pretty and I think I would definitely enjoy a wander and picnic. I hope you are having a good Sunday!

  12. Looks so beautiful! Wish I could live there!

  13. Hi Sarah,
    How lucky were you and your family!
    The secret garden springs to mind....
    A lovely post and start to my day.
    LoVe Maria x

  14. What a wonderful place to have a good wander around, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some sunny weather judging by those blue skies :-)

  15. I do love walled gardens, what a treasure this one is. Always inspires me even though I have a typical narrow terraced house garden. x

  16. I always love this garden when you post about it, it is the typical english garden, love it. Julie xxx

  17. *big sigh* - our garden is surrounded by walls, but I never can seem to get it right. Plus the ivy takes over at an alarming rate.

    Nina x

  18. I love walled gardens. They evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. This garden is gorgeous.

  19. Walled gardens are such special places and it is encouraging that up and down the country they are beginning to be brought back to life once again. I can't think of anywhere better to go on a sunny afternoon when we are at the cottage other than Castle Kennedy Gardens where the walled garden is such a peaceful and beautiful place to sit and sketch and paint. My better half spent some of his childhood on the Castle Kennedy estate as his grandfather was head gardener there for over thirty years with a team of about 30 men - now they have only 2 men but still do a great job! I would love to visit yours if it were a little bit closer x

  20. What a beautiful, calming garden! Such a perfect spot for a Summer picnic, thanks for sharing it with us :) xo K

  21. Hi Sarah,

    What a beautiful garden and love the look of the walled English garden.
    Must have brought back happy memories walking around the lovely church where you were married.

    Happy new week

  22. This is so beautiful, love it.
    groetjes, Gerda

  23. Such a lovely garden. I love the brick wall, that is not something you see very often, at least not here in the states. That lawn mower may be from the 50's . . . I know that is the kind that my brother used to mow our lawn, but it is also the same kind of mower that my daughter uses now. She is living as green as she possibly can, so mowing without using anything but man power (or woman power) is her answer.

  24. This must have been a lovely place to live.


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