Winter's walk at Lulworth Cove

It is still feeling dismal and damp here, yesterday we went to Lulworth Cove it would look beautiful in better weather but it's quite nice having this tourist spot almost to yourself.

Stair Hole

 This area is part of the Jurassic Coast that runs from East Dorset to Exmouth in Devon. It is well known for its rock formation. Stair Hole is a miniature version of Durdle Door that I have showing on my blog's title.

There are some wonderful walks along the coast path and over the hills but today we just took a more leisurely route down to the sea.
The shape of the cove is just like the shape of a scallop shell.

And what did we find on the beach -some empty scallop shells they are harvested from here by local divers who sell them on to local restaurants. 

I love the way the light is shining on the water from the direction of the entrance to the Cove

 There were still fresh fish and shellfish for sale despite it being so quiet.

These buckets ans spades hanging from the tree always make me smile.

 I hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. Hello :0 We visited here a few years back when our friends go married, I loved it. beautiful!


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