Vintage railway posters

Both the children have gone back to Uni today after being home for a few weeks. The house suddenly feels very quiet and empty and it will take a while for us and the pets to readjust!

My son gave me a vintage railway poster for Christmas.

Poster from the 1950's

                                   I already had one of Weymouth I bought a long time ago.

Poster from 1920's

I love these posters they are so bright and eye catching and  they tell a story by reflecting the shifting fashions and changing patterns of how holidays were taken in the UK.
If you want to look at some examples or other posters use the following links:- travel posters on line or The first posters were produced in the 1920's and 1930's during the hey day of rail travel and then more were produced in the 1950's.

One of the waiting rooms at Exeter St David's station istravel posters on line still quite old fashioned  - the walls are wood panelled and there are old black and white pictures of holiday destinations. The station is currently being modernised I hope they don't get rid of this gem.


  1. Wonderful posters, the first one I bought years ago in Lands End, not a poster, but a postcard, and this postcard I still have!!!
    (I have to improve my English, sorry)

  2. I am a huge vintage railway posters fan!
    My son has just give me an early birthday present: a diary, which he bought from the National Railway Museum... there are lots of lovely vintage railway prints in it. ;-)


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