Flowers to cheer

 Yesterday when we took our son back to Plymouth we saw daffodils already in flower along the roadside. We don't even have any snow drops in the garden yet, but this is my flowers from the garden this week.

I was amazed to find some tobacco (Nicotiana) plants still in flower so I picked them and included some stems of euphorbia wulfenii and the perennial purple wallflower. My OH bought me a bunch of tulips yesterday to cheer me up and make us feel that spring would soon be here.

I think tulips are my favourite spring flower. I love they way unfold with such loose abandonment. My brother sent me some beautiful flowers at Christmas, some of them are still going strong and so I made the following arrangement.

Finally a picture of the sea this was taken by my daughters' boyfriend on his new camera, thanks Chris for letting me use it.


  1. Wow look at all those gorgeous posies - I do so love spring flowers. Happy New Year to you Daisy and Twinkle Down by the sea -x-


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