Being creative and making things

I have a confession to make, I love being creative and looking at all the beautiful things everyone makes on their blogs, but my efforts are usually not very good, apart from gardening and cooking!

I used to go to a craft group once a week and we would do lots of different activities e.g, glass painting, making cards, flower arranging painting, drawing, quilling, but my end products were always bottom of the class! Somehow the vision in my head never quite matched the reality! So although I am interested in making things they won't appear very often in my postings.

Last summer I bought a lovely wooden bench for the hall from Bridport Vintage Market ( I will be writing about the market in a future post, as it is a great place to visit.)

 Just before Christmas I saw this picture below, in a John Lewis magazine showing a matching blind and cushion cover and decided this is just what I needed to do for the hall.

So last weekend I bought some material and attempted to make a seat cover and tab curtains. My daughter was home from Uni and between us we actually managed to make something quite reasonable!

We got out the old Singer machine that once belonged to Mum

My daughter learnt how to use the old machine

The finished articles


  1. You both did a very good job, I really like the strippy fabric you used and the seat.


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