Wassailing the Apple tree

Yesterday we went to Lyme Regis to join in the celebrations of wassailing which is a traditional ceremony usually performed on Twelfth Night to drink the health of the apple tree and raise the Sleeping Tree spirit and ward off demons. Traditionally this would be in the orchards but our ceremony was outside the Museum in Lyme Regis and performed by the Uplyme Morris Men and it was good fun.

I apologise for the accompanied barking in the clip above. Daisy couldn't understand why men were dancing and hitting sticks and had to be removed to the back of the crowd!

It was bitterly cold so there are not many pictures of the sea at Lyme Regis on this occasion..

We got out of the cold to have a coffee and enjoy views of the sea in the warm instead!

Today it is still cold and windy but we still managed to get out and had a quick walk around the Nothe Gardens and harbour in Weymouth. 

 I hope you had a good weekend too x.


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