Finding early signs of spring

In the garden in the last week the  crocus and snowdrops have  suddenly started to pop up and say hello!

So as part of Making winter blog hop how about getting outside and looking for signs of spring? I was quite surprised what we managed to find! We took our daughter back to Uni on Sunday and managed to have a quick walk around Upton Country Park in Poole on the way back. Although the snowdrops were not yet in flower, we discovered other early signs of spring.

Hellebores and the amazing colours of the dogwood

Witch hazel with its spicy fragrance and spidery flowers

One of my favourite winter shrubs daphne odora.The fragrance is wonderful.

Winter flowering cherry- this can flower on and off from November to March.
 A beautiful pink azalea.

The spring snowflake.
So in a short walk we managed to find six signs of spring, how many can you find?

My posy from the garden this week is Bergenia - something that grows well as snails shelter in it and don't eat it! It's other name is 'Pigs Squeak', which is meant to be the noise you get by rubbing your thumb across the shiny leaf!


  1. So wonderful. Thankyou!

    I really think I need to buy one of those winter flowering cherries for next year. I have a birch tree in my garden that has died. It would be an excellent replacement.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    There is so much colour in your garden already! Much more than in Holland. It's cold here at the moment. We are having temperatures of -10 in the evening and -6 in daytime. I hope the cold won't damage the plants in my garden too much.

    Just read your comment on my blog. The Scottish Highlands sounds like a beautiful holiday destination. It's years ago since we went there, but we still have lots of good memories. We were very young at the time :-) Thank you for your tips on The Cotswolds. I will write them down in my notebook and see if I can find some information on the internet.

    Have a lovely evening!


  3. Your season is so much further ahead - we have snowdrops but very little else just yet. juliex


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