Sunday, 27 May 2012

Art, craft and blue skies.

When the skies are blue
And the world is bright
I am smiling also -
Let us bask in the sunshine.
(extract from  Blue skies poem by Wayner Visser)

Those lines above just illustrate how wonderful and better things seem in the sunshine! What better way of appreciating it than getting outside and enjoying it, and that's exactly what we have been doing this weekend. We went over to Bridport to look around the Saturday open street market. Stalls line either side of the street selling a range of goods from bric-a-brac and antiques to food and plants. You never know what you will see!

The post box wasn't for sale, items had just been placed around it!

Julie from Aunt Jane's Attic had a stall at the craft market and we popped into meet her and bought one of her beautiful cards and a lavender bag. They were so unique and beautifully presented that I wish I had bought more ! I'll just have to go over there again, it was lovely to meet you Julie.

Saturday was also the start of a Dorset Arts weeks when 360 venues are open to the public featuring over 1,000 artists. Do other areas have events like this? This is the 11th year that this event has run and it is a great opportunity to view the artists work and talk to them too. We visited Jude a glass artist-specialising in stained and decorative glass. I love stained glass and have a small example at home (sea themed of course!) I loved the way Jude's pieces are linked to the Dorset countryside and coast.

Also close-by was a beautiful garden filled with sculptural ceramics made by Caroline. They were beautiful pieces and added an extra dimension to the garden, she was very welcoming and told us all about her craft.

On the way back to the car we passed a stall selling fresh local asparagus. I had to buy some and it made a wonderful asparagus tart, which we enjoyed alfresco in the garden, with the first of the swifts flying over head -  what bliss.

Finally a walk on the beach, in the late evening sunshine - the waves were quite large with a fresh warming breeze making us feel so alive!

Hope you were able to bask in the sunshine too over the weekend!

Welcome to my new followers Julie , ClaireJudeJolanda and Sally. I'm sorry I forgot to say welcome in my last post so there is a long list this time, it's great to have you following!
 Sarah x


  1. such a lovely place to be in the sunshine- its so beautiful i just so love the weather ;0)x
    thanks for sharing x your asparagus tart sounded lovely, ive only recently got into the taste of asparagus and really enjoy it x

  2. Oh, to be beside the seaside beside the sea! How I envy you! Enjoy the rest of the weekend - what's left of it!

  3. What a lovely day. My mouth is watering at the thought of your asparagus! Juliex

  4. That sounds like the perfet way to spend the week end and you're absolutely right, a little sunshine makes all the difference.

  5. We have an artists' Open Studios weekend here in Cowal in September but with only 35 artists not 1000! That's amazing!

    I think we are all smiling in the sun lately - it just makes so much difference to the way we feel.

  6. Hi Sarah, lovely to see you on Saturday and thank you for the plants, (have linked you on my blog update) looked like you had a good day out and a lovely walk along Weymouth beach at night, see you soon. Julie xxx

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, how beautiful it is when the sun is shinning and the sky blue.
    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend and asparagus tart ... yum.

    Happy new week

  8. We've had some amazing Autumn blue skies here in Australia too. Love it! I should like to have transported myself to that moment where you ate the asparagus tart in your garden. How lovely. x

  9. Hi Sarah...looks like a beautiful weekend you had. Love the cow~parsley and beach, two of my favourite things! Love Bridport too...stupidly we only ever get there in the silly season so I am sure I haven't seen the half of it!

    Sarah -x-

  10. What a day! I wish arts week were next week. (I think they must happen everywhere. I used to live in Oxfordshire and there was one there.)

    The Bridport Tower - I'm not always impressed by ale labels (!) but this one is in a class of its own . . .

    1. Dorset art weeks going on until 10th June so there is still time to visit some artists. I love the design of the that label!

  11. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great time ... :0)

  12. Hi there Sarah,
    Beautiful weather and pictures to match!
    Thank you for sharing the sweet sweet poem!
    Aww and also for your kind comments on my blog, we don,t find out if Dean is selected till July, but we have our tickets,so we are being positive.
    If by any chance, Dean is injured or not selected, we will be there to support fellow runner friends of his!
    Take Care, Maria x

  13. Hello Sarah,
    Just another post of amazing photos. I really love the last photo. I hope you do get to buy some more roses. I have some that are blooming and when they are finished the other rose bushing have their burst of flowering, so my rose area always have color. I did plant some zinnia and hope they do will next the roses. I am running out of room. Thank you for your comments on my blog and yes, I do scrapbook other times other then holidays. My Husband and I are taking a day trip soon and hope to get some nice photos for a photo layout and hope to share some on my blog.
    Have a great day.

  14. I have never seen or heard of aquilegias. They look lovely. I wonder if they would grow in the US Deep South? We have too much shade to grow flowers but we planted many impatiens in pots in the shade. When we came back from New York we saw that some animal came and ate them all – no more flowers!
    Thanks for coming to my blog and telling me about the other blog that showed a picture of Joan of Arc in Paris. I went to this blog 3 times but she never acknowledged or answered, I guess she has too many followers – over 2000! I shy away from going to blogs with that many followers because I enjoy the rapport with bloggers, being able to read their comments and going to their blogs, if not, why blog really. With that many it feels like reading a magazine, not a blog.

    I have been to the Isle of Wight, and Kent and other places in England but not to Dorset. It looks so pretty. Here it has been quite warm already – in the mid 30 degrees C.

    1. Hi - I bet aquilegias would grow for you - they're not fussy about soil and I've grown them in every garden I've had. I call them Granny's Bonnets!

    2. Bobbie Lynn grows them well in America they do have other names she knows them as columbine.

  15. Oh, I wish I'd been able to stop in Bridport on Saturday. We popped in on our way to Charmouth on Friday evening, just as the shops were shutting. The Girls Own Store had already closed - shame! We did have a quick amble around Lyme Regis on Saturday morning, but it was very hot for the collies (and Himself), so I had very limited time to shop!!! I really wanted to stop in Bridport again on the way back home to Hampshire, but I guess it would have been difficult to park - especially Dolly! Enjoy the sun this week!

    1. What a shame you didn't manage some shopping in Bridport. The Girls Own store was open on Saturday and had some wonderful things to buy as always!

  16. Dearest Sarah, what a lovely and interesting weekend you had and the photos you made are superb! I wish I could have come along with you and see it all as well! Hope today is just a wonderful for you! Christa


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