Aquilegias and wild garlic

This week the aquilegias are looking so beautiful in the garden that I just had to share some of them with you!

We originally bought 3 plants over 20 years ago and now I have over 70 ! I asked my OH how many we had and he thought there was only about 15! I hate pulling the seedlings up but I didn't realise until now that there were quite that many! They are such an easy plant to grow, the slugs and snails don't eat them, they seed well (!) and they provide colour in the garden between the period of the spring flowers going over, and the June flowers, such as roses and daises and geraniums, taking over.....

As they seed themselves you will get different flowers, our colours are mainly purple, pink and white and shades in between.

The wild garlic (alium ursinum) is out in full flower too in the woods. This is our favourite wood nestling in the shadow of the South Dorset Downs, with the River Jordan running through it. An evening walk here is always top of our list, particularly at this time of year.

Isn't this view so beautiful !
The leaves from the wild garlic can be picked and made into wild garlic pesto - delicious with pasta or on pizza! I always make some at this time of year see Recipe here. I have also used the leaves to add to butter to make garlic butter, which can then be frozen until needed.

Daisy is looking quite white at the moment following a few baths, as she has been in disgrace the last 2 weekends after she has found something smelly and delightful (in her opinion only) to roll in!

I had to include this photo which is on our return walk from the woods, down the lane past the banks of Cow Parsley (Queens Anne Lace) , which was also shown in the last post too.

I hope you too are also enjoying the flowers erupting all around us, (or the colours of Autumn for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Sarah x


  1. What a lovely walk. There's a wood nearby where we go for walks and it's also full of wild garlic, the smell is quite strong as there's so much wild garlic everywhere.

  2. Lovely photos. We used to have some aquilegias but the dogs dug them up! GRRRR! Our dog Charlie yesterday on his walk rolled in something smelly too - dogs you love them but they do try your patience at times! Love the photo of your walk home and of the wild garlic!

  3. wow that IS a beautiful view - thanks for that recipe - I've never made pesto before and this sounds interesting!

    My mother has a westie who is very fond of rolling in 'delightful' things. She really hates the bath afterwards though!

  4. I love aquilegias (In German they are called Akelei). It is such a humble and modest flower. Doesn't need much and appears every year again in even more numbers. Yours are really wonderful. The walk in your woods is lovely and I think it would also be on the list of your top number one! Love your little dog Daisy, by the way! Have a good start into the new week! Christa

  5. You are surrounded by such beauty and I'm so glad you did shared your beautiful aquilegias with us. Wow, that is amazing to see wild garlic.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Your garden is beautiful and the aquilegias make a pretty show of colour.
    Our dog Heidi used to love rolling in dead things at the beach and remember one day driving home in the car we needed all the windows open and still it was bad.
    I love where you went out walking.

    Have a happy week

  7. What a beautiful sight, all that cow parsley. I've got lots of aquilegias too though the pigeons seem to think the leaves are very tasty and kept shredding them, hopefully they've recovered enough to flower soon. xx

  8. Absolutely gorgeous flowers and that wild garlic...mmmmmmmm! I'm a pesto addict I'm afraid. Have not got around to trips to the woods so far but we are going on a hike this week, maybe we'll find some along the way. Have both growing on the allotment but it's the first year for the garlic so I'm just leaving it be this year. x

  9. beautiful place to walk, I really really want to live in the country! I just think i was made for it :) Daisy is so cute, can we have a pic of her when she gets muddy? hehe x

  10. Loads of lovely things here. We love eating wild garlic too. What a pretty walk to have so close to you.
    I love aquilegia, in fact I'm pretty much a fan of most of the self-seeding flowers. Forget-me-nots, foxgloves and poppies are high on my list too! Juliex

  11. Great post!!


  12. What a beautiful area! I love your flower shots too. Autumn is still pretty lovely here, I'm not excited about Winter though! Enjoy your Spring :) xo K

  13. Resisted have Aquilegias in the garden for many years as they are so prolific, but gave up the battle and now could not be without them, so pretty. Daisy looks so bright and clean, make the most of it - what is it with dogs and rolling in nasties???? :) Have a lovely week, XX

  14. Dear Sarah, Thank you for your kind comment on my "door" post. It is flattering that you think it is a different view on London. I thought it might be boring for you who lives so close and sees these pictures of some tourists all the time! Christa

  15. Sarah, these are all gorgeous! I'm especially in love with that little view on your evening walks. And the thought that you can use those garlic leaves in your kitchen. (p.s. I haven't been hot air ballooning. I'm not sure I ever will, I tend to like strong barriers between me and the air! But then again, the right opportunity hasn't presented itself. Should I be in beautiful area on a holiday, I suspect I might jump at it. I hope your balloon ride dream comes true. Curries are becoming more common in our home too, especially as my tolerance of spices has improved markedly over the last couple of years. Sometimes I make them really spicy just for my husband to enjoy. Hope you are enjoying your time with your daughter.)

  16. Hi Sarah!
    Your pictures are enchanting..
    I always call the flower in the first piccy, fairy flowers, as you could just imagine fairy folks dancing around them! hehex
    Happy Wednesday!
    Maria x

  17. Lovely Aquilegias just bought a lime green one as not got any here, had loads at the last house, might be sorry! Our dog particularly likes rolling in seagull poo for some reason. Julie xxx

  18. didn't really know this flower... but it really looks nice!!

  19. What a beautiful post. That picture of the wild garlic on both river banks is like a corner of fairyland. How lovely: wild garlic pesto. I would love to make that. Your blog is so lovely, Sarah. It's been such a joy to visit you this evening. Thank you.



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