Sunshine and sea

Hurrah! The sun has returned - Val promised to send us some from Portugal and it must have worked!  So we had to get out and enjoy it while it lasted.....

We decided to go to Portland and visit the Chesil Beach.  If you remember we have visited it previously in my blog - other visits have been to Abbotsbury (half way along) and West Bay (at the far end).

The size of the pebbles here are the largest on the whole stretch of the beach, it's amazing that they are the size of grains of sand 18 miles away  (28km) at West Bay.

 The rowing boats on the beach are used for fishing and have such wonderful names - one was called Jackpo the other Try Again. I wonder which one catches most fish!

As you know the Olympics is being held in London in 76 days time. Did you also know that the Sailing events are being held here in Weymouth and Portland ? Maybe you will see pictures of my home town broadcast around the world. Competitors have already arrived to practice, some countries even purchased houses in the area many years ago. The Australians have adopted the pub in the distance above, so there is likely to be many beach barbecues weather permitting!

I think these are just local boats, there are usually sailing lessons for children on Saturday mornings.

Behind the beach is a secret community garden built on the foundations of a Jacobean mansion, we rarely see anyone else in there when we visit, but it always looks beautiful.

The sea thift is just coming into flower, what a difference the sunshine makes, I hope it has shined on you  too this weekend.

Welcome and hello to my new followers Posie,and Paula and Susan it's lovely to have you on board!
Sarah x


  1. wow - what amazing pictures. I think I have said many times before, but I LOVE Dorset. So wonderful to see sunny pictures again xx

  2. I really like the 1st photo, such a long beach and it looks so inviting especially with the glorious blue sky.

  3. Hello Sarah:
    These images really do confirm what a wonderful part of the British Isles you live in with so many marvellous places within easy reach of home. Weymouth is, in all probability, not going to know what has hit it once the Olympics start but, whatever, it is all bound to both interesting and great fun.

    1. The locals aren't sure what it is going to be like! We have had lots of disruption over the last few years with a new road built and new traffic signals. The esplanade has been revamped and the old fashioned light bulbs , loved by many have been replaced with laser lights which so far have failed to operate!

    2. The locals aren't sure what to make of it. We have had a new road built and months of disruption as roundabouts are replaced with traffic lights. The esplanade has been revamped and the old fashioned strings of coloured light bulbs have been replaced by laser lights that currently have failed to work!

  4. You take wonderful photos! How nice to have a sunny day at last - it was still pretty cold and windy most of the time here though!

  5. What gorgeous photos! Today was so bright and sunny here and I longed to go down to the sea for a walk. We had to stay at home waiting for a carpet fitter..... Thank you for sharing your wonderful views of the Dorset coast. I particularly love the mass of thrift against the sea in your last photo. A real sign of early sumer.

  6. Hello Sarah, just found you and have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your wonderful photos. You live in such a fabulous place, it's lovely to share it with you through your pictures. Have joined your followers list so I can keep up with your news.
    Karen x

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Doesn't it make a difference to a day if you have the sun shinning.
    I love all your beautiful photos and was great to see your lovely beach and the fishing boats.

    Happy weekend

  8. Yippee Sarah,
    I sent the sun via sun mail! I am so glad that you had time to enjoy what looks to be a most beautiful day .. I have never been to Dorset, but i have frinds from the area in S.A. They talk about it lots , and I can see why.
    How great you will have the yacht regatta in your town.
    Sheer delight to wake up and see the sea.
    The wild flowers on the dunes are so lovely..your photos take my breath away, Chesil beach wow how delightful
    happy Sunday with lots of Sun.

  9. What a lovely day out, your lucky to live by the sea. I like the look of the secret garden and would love to know more about the house that once stood there.

  10. I am way behind in reading blogs but I am caught up reading all the posts that I have missed on your blog. You have such beautiful pictures and interesting notes that I don’t want to miss anything. You really live in a beautiful landscape. I wish I was closer to the sea as you are, but we have rivers and lakes. Here we would have to drive 5 hours to see the sea and go to Savannah, Georgia, the closest to us. Your garden is very pretty and will keep you busy this summer.

  11. Hello there! Loved your post soo interesting about how the Olympics will impact your home.We will be in the capital for the paraolmpics, as hoping my son will be competing..Take care Maria x

  12. Lovely pictures... sun is always good and allows to do plenty in the outdoor... :)
    Hope it's here to stay... but the weather guys say (in Portugal)... it was still a short visit...

  13. A community garden on the grounds of a mansion? That sounds like my place to wander. I love the wooden door. And how wonderful that you will get a (quieter) taste of the Olympic fever! I am getting very excited for the Olympics and plan to host a gathering of friends in front of our tv. On my couch is where you will find me for a couple of weeks watching the Olympics and Paralympics. Thankfully, being winter here it will be perfect weather for it. I hope you have a great week!

  14. Good Morning Sarah,
    What a lovely post and I can't wait to see the Olympics in your country this Summer. I watch here on PBS station here in the US, a travel program called, Rick Steve's Europe . He shows some beautiful places in London where most people do not know about. Regarding my Echinocereus cactus, it will only bloom during the Spring and maybe in the Fall. The flowers will close at night and reopen when in the morning. The flowers last about 3 days. The cactus will produce five buds, sometimes less or more. I never know how many I will get. I have two more buds left. that should open up here in the next few days.
    Thank you for your visit. Have a wonderful day.

  15. Dear Sarah - You made really beautiful pictures - the colors are amazing - and I can see that you live in one of the most blessed corners of the world! I'll be watching the sailing events on TV so as to see more of it and maybe you waving into the camera ;o) I hope the sun stays and warms you today! Christa

  16. Grumpy and disconcerted. Was hoping to walk along the Hamm on Sunday. Said 'I want to take photos of the thrift. I miss it every year!' But I lost the vote and went on the Underbarn Walk from Castle Cove towards the Nothe instead. But then . . . that too is one of those 'can this really be England' places. We are so lucky.

    Then there's the Olympics! Oh, bother, bother, bother the Olympics. Where have all the stripy beach shops gone? Since when have laser lights been better than fairy ones? Who wants upturned plastic boats for cafes? Who gave planning permission for the Weymouth Eye-Sore?

    . . . But, what a place we live in! One day we will come across each other as we walk along preparing our blogs. Perhaps we should arrange it! (?)

  17. Yes we should meet up sometime I will email you soon, otherwise I'm sure we will end up walking past each other without knowing it! In the meantime I will look closely at anyone I see photographing plants! The sea thift was just coming out so next weekend it might be better!


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