Following a tree - visit 5

Hi everyone again! I have had a few problems with my previous post about foraging as it isn't properly showing up on other bloggers following lists, so like the supermarkets you have a special offer of two for one!

It's about a month now seen we last visited the willow tree I am following all year. To look at previous posts see tab at the top of my blog. If you are interested in joining in there are details of how to contact Lucy who is coordinating it.

  The tree is now in full leaf and looks lovely in the late evening sunshine...

The banks are growing tall with stinging nettle and cow parsley. I wish the flowering of cow parsley would last longer than just a few weeks in May. It is such a shame that the council always cuts the verges around here just before the cow parsley reaches it's peak.

I have noticed by following a tree that I am fully appreciating the changes in it's life cycle. I hope you are enjoying the pictures too.


I hope you have a great weekend  - for more of a nature theme, see foraging below, if you have missed it!


  1. Hello Sarah:
    More wonderful images of your very splendid tree.

    Oh, how we miss the cow parsley which, in our days of living in Herefordshire, completely lined the verges of the lane leading to our house at this time of year. But, yes, as you say, so short lived.

  2. I'm certainly enjoying the photos. x

  3. I love the idea of 'following' a tree. It looks lush in it's new leaves.

  4. This is a very nice idea Sarah,
    following a tree.
    Your photos are really good. If we look at a tree long enough, it starts to take shapes and tell us tales. I dont like forests, but i love trees.
    I am not sure what cow parsely is. but the flower seems to be familiar.
    rest of a good evening

    1. It is also known as Queen's Ann lace or wild beaked parsley. It is in the same family as wild carrot which isn't quite so dainty.
      Sarah x

  5. What a lovely project this is - I love your photographs. (Thank you for including me in your 'blogs I follow!)

  6. Wonderful idea to follow a tree - great photos too! Lovely to see the new leaves looking so lush and green. Karen x

  7. I love the project!!!^^


  8. Such an interesting project!
    This tree is wonderful!

    ♥ Franka

  9. I love all the cow parsley in bloom right now! Interestingly it is called Queen Anne's Lace in the US.

  10. I love this following a tree reminds me of Hockney's "tunnel" and "totem". You are so lucky living by the sea and being near Totnes, one of my favourite towns. Happy weekend,

    Sarah -x-


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